Friday, February 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing, Week 7

This week's assignment from Organizing Junkie was to purge till it fits. What a super idea! Except that I must admit that I did not purge anything this week. Not one thing. In fact, I have not done any work on my February list this week, not even one little bitty 15 minute session. Nothing.

With that admission, I want to encourage you. Whether you are taking this 52 week challenge, or if you have your own goals and plans for cleaning out and organizing your home, if you have slacked off a little bit, don't give up! Next week is a new week. Tomorrow is Saturday! Maybe you can squeeze in a little bit of declutter time tomorrow. That is my plan. I am determined to clean out and organize my freezers either this afternoon or tomorrow. Hopefully I will get to it this afternoon because tomorrow's 18 mile run plus my brother-in-law's little birthday celebration and my nephew's baseball game might take my whole day.

Here are this week's questions for OrgJunkie's 52 Week Challenge:

Questions to ponder: 1. Let’s talk stuff! What have you tossed out this week? Like I said earlier, nothing--except for the daily trash and junk mail!

2. Have you ever regretted something you’ve gotten rid of? Why? I can't think of anything right off hand.

3. How tempted are you to rush out and pick up pretty organizing containers first? Very tempted! I love containers! But even though I am tempted, as I attack each area of my home for cleaning out and reorganizing I plan to get the space in order first, and then see what containers I need. After that I will look over my stash of containers and see if I have something that will work. If I still need a new container, then I will buy one! As I clean out various drawers and closets (and that secret room) in my home, I am sure that I will purge the contents of some of my existing storage containers, freeing them up to be used again.

Please visit Org.Junkie for more 52 Week Challenge updates.
Happy purging!


  1. I cleaned out my pantry the other day and couldn't believe what I found! It's been a few years!

    You're so sweet- I'm glad you're loving the 90 day Bible challenge! I don't think we'll be moving to Mississippi anytime soon, but maybe we can meet up this spring when we go to DC. We're thinking of stopping at Dollywood on the way there or back. Have you guys been? We're tentatively planning mid-April, but it depends in the young man in our church who is so sick. Let me know if you think meeting up would be possible.


  2. I don't know how homeschooling mom's get anything done!

  3. I intended to get some kitchen organizing done this week, but real life moved in, and squeezed out some of my plans, so hopefully next week. It makes me feel sooo much better to re-organize an area! It is amazing.

    I'm excited about the weather getting nicer so that I can have a yard sale and get rid of the things that I purge as I go through various areas. I have several stashes that are ready and waiting for a sale, and what doesn't sell, always goes straight to Goodwill that same day! :)

  4. Hope you had a chance to get a thing or two crossed off your list - and if not there's always next week :-)