Monday, January 24, 2011

What's For Supper?

Believe it or not, I have not been to the grocery store (except to run in a couple of times for more milk and strawberries) since before we went to Disney World (Jan. 6). Since Leah and Sam were sick when we got home, Jimmy and Olivia went grocery shopping for me about 10 days ago. I tried to make a list that would last us two weeks, but I am going to have to visit Kroger today. I haven't clipped coupons in a month either, so I am going to try to do that, study the Kroger sales paper, and download coupons to my Kroger card--all before leaving for piano lessons at 1:30. Oh, and I need to run this morning, and do school with the precious children.

I better get busy!

Here is the supper menu for this week.

Monday--grilled chicken, roasted new potatoes, peas, green beans (cook a double batch of each)
Tuesday--baked fish, baked sweet potatoes, leftover vegetables from Monday
Wednesday--lasagna, salad
Friday (Sam's birthday and his request)--chicken and rice, salad

Visit for more menu inspiration.


  1. Your suppers sound delicious!

    I loved the pic's from Disney! Fun-Fun!!! I hated that Leah and Sam got sick though.

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEAH! The sticker table/plates, etc. were adorable!

    Hello to all the Johnsons!

    Have a wonderful Monday.


  2. I'm making lasagna this week, too! I'm trying a new recipe from a dear friend.


  3. Your grocery shopping day sounds like mine! Only I usually give up on the planning and just go, then I come home and wonder what to make for dinner!