Thursday, January 20, 2011

Disney Vacation 2011

Leah and Sam are finally over the flu, and it looks like none of the rest of us are going to get it!

I chose several (ok, I think 35 or so) pictures that highlighted our Disney vacation. This was such a fun trip! The weather was pleasant, the company was fun, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. This was my parents' first visit to Disney World, and while it was the 5th time we have taken our children, there were still several firsts on this trip.

  • It was the first time my mother has ever flown.
  • Sam was tall enough to ride all of the big rides, except for Rock N Roller Coaster (which I wouldn't have let him ride anyway!
  • Sam's first roller coaster ride! First he rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which is a mild roller coaster. He loved it! I didn't let him ride Space Mountain, but I did let him ride Mt. Everest at Animal Kingdom. I cannot believe that I did! If I had ridden it without him first, to refresh my memory of the ride, I would have not put him on that ride. But I didn't, so he and I rode it together. I cannot believe I put my baby on that ride! He did ok, though by the end he was leaning over covering his head! I kept my arms around him the entire time. As the ride was coasting to a stop, he kept repeating, "I didn't die. I didn't die" He was very proud of himself when it was all over! He told everyone, "I rode that roller coaster, and it went up and down, and it was so fast!" Every time we saw the ride or a picture of the ride he proudly reminded everyone that he rode it!
  • My mother, Julie, Leah, Sam, and I attended the Beauty and the Beast show at Hollywood Studios.
  • My parents, my children and I watched the parade at Animal Kingdom (Jimmy was at the hotel recovering from the Goofy Challenge)
  • A character (Pocahontas) talked to Sam while he was still in his stroller and posed for a picture for him there. She also planted a big lipstick kiss on his forehead.
  • We ate lunch at the 50's Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios.
  • We rode a roller coaster as a family--Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Here are the pictures of our wonderful trip.

Julie and my daddy waiting for the monorail

posing with Zurg after the Buzz Lightyear ride

my mother and children waiting to watch Mickey's Philharmagic

Leah and Pops

Each time we visit the Magic Kingdom, we always tour Mickey and Minnie's houses in Toon Town. Sadly, the are tearing down Toon Town beginning in February. They are replacing that whole area with some kind of princess land. We have pictures of our children in these houses each time we visited, so we made sure we took some of the same shots.

Leah with Minnie's sewing machine

We always take pictures of the kids sitting on Minnie's couch.

Avery, Ella, and Leah in their cute Minnie Mouse skirts. Lesley (Lynn's sister made the little girls skirts just like the ones she made for Lynn and me for the race).

Parker and Clay

Lynn's four children and Leah and Sam with Goofy

on the swinging bridge that leads to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Jimmy giving Olivia a ride. That bag that Olivia is holding is her crocheting bag. She crocheted all over Disney World!

our family on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Sam playing on the Brer Rabbit playground.
Splash Mountain was closed during our visit. :(

I think this was taken outside Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I lost count of how many times we rode this ride.

in the candy shop on Main Street USA. We always buy M&Ms and jelly beans from this shop.

Clay, Sam, Olivia, and Julie

Pops and Clay

Leah and Olivia

Tired Daddy and tired Sam.
This was the day after Jimmy's first race.

They are little bit perkier here.

Julie, Mims, Olivia, and Pops at the 50's Prime Time Cafe

Clay, Jimmy, and Me at the 50's Prime Time Cafe.
Jimmy and I had been awake since 2:45 AM!

Leah and Julie

Sam with his dessert

playing on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground at Hollywood Studios

Sam, Olivia, and Clay on the playground

Leah and Pops

Leah climbing a tree while waiting for the bus back to the hotel

a rare picture of Sam without a ridiculous face

posing with Pocahontas
Sam refused to get out the stroller to have his picture

Pocahontas came to the stroller!

Leah and Sam with Mims and Pops

Pops pushing the stroller---he did a lot of pushing!

my sweet children

We always take the children's picture inside this shark mouth at Epcot.

tasting Coke flavors from around the world at Epcot
(yes, it rained a little bit that day)

trying food from other countries at Epcot

Clay, Julie, and Olivia at Epcot

not too old to pose with characters or get their autographs

Jimmy surprised Sam with this Goofy.
This picture was taken just before Sam started getting sick.

Leah and Sam with Woody make out of Legos.
Right after this picture, Sam crashed. He started running a sudden high was the beginning of the flu. Leah got sick the next morning.

We flew home on Wednesday morning......Leah and Sam basically slept the entire way the airport waiting, on the airplane, and on the ride home from the airport.

I am so glad that my parents joined us on this trip, and I appreciate all of their help. It was also fun vacationing with our dear friends Kelly and Lynn and their family.

What a super vacation!


  1. What a fun time! I love big vacations including friends and extended family. We got to vacation to Arizona with some of our dearest friends in 2009 for a friend's wedding. It was great.
    I will have to work on posting some of those recipes. :)

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  3. Love me some Disney World! We see Beauty and the Beast every time we go. That's Kristin's favorite movie. I'm so glad you had a fun time. It gets even more fun, the older your family gets! Before you know it, you'll be taking a family trip as all adults and spouses like us! It NEVER gets old! Ha!