Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leah's Birthday

Sweet Leah's birthday was January 12, the day we flew home from Disney World. We surprised her that morning with a Lotso bear (from Toy Story 3). All during our Disney trip, she couldn't decide what she wanted to spend her money on for her souvenir (each of the children brought some of their own money). She had a hard time choosing between Lotso bear, Bullseye or a turtle from Finding Nemo. Jimmy surprised her with the turtle, and she finally chose Bullseye...but we could tell that she really wanted Lotso too! Julie also chose Lotso for her souvenir, and on the very last night when we went to Downtown Disney to shop, we sadly found that the Lotso bears were all sold out! Julie was so disappointed, especially since I had confidently told her all week that she could buy the Lotso bear the last day at Downtown Disney. Yes, I assured her, they would have plenty of bears! I was wrong!

So Jimmy, the sweet daddy, noticed that he had a little over an hour until the Magic Kingdom closed, and he felt sure that he could catch a bus from Downtown Disney to the hotel, walk to the ticket and transportation center, and then ride the monorail from there to the Magic Kingdom--and then run to the gift shop on Main Street USA where we had seen numerous Lotso bears--all before the park closed! And he made it!

He gave Julie her Lotso bear that night, and we gave Leah her bear the next morning on her birthday! She was so happy! Lotso sat in her lap all the way home.

Even though she and Sam were both very, very sick by the time we arrived home, as soon as I got them settled in the bed (for a little while anyway), I hurriedly wrapped Leah's gifts and set up her birthday table. We celebrated as best we could in spite of her feeling badly.

Leah posing with her birthday presents--she really doesn't feel well

the table
I decorated with stickers, one of Leah's favorite things!

Leah requested rainbow plates...I thought these were colorful as a rainbow, and she like them.

opening an American Girl outfit from Mims and Pops

The rest of the day Leah spent on the couch with Sam and me. We didn't have cake or a special supper--she was just too sick. In fact, I took her and Sam to the doctor that afternoon to make sure they didn't have strep throat. I never even suspected the flu, which is what they ended up being diagnosed with after having both a flu and strep test.

Several days later, when Leah and Sam were both feeling much better, Julie made Leah a birthday pinata. We hung it in the kitchen and shared many, many laughs as the children took turns trying to knock it down.

Jimmy--he hung the pinata for us

Olivia taking a swipe

the birthday girl taking a turn

After many hilarious attempts, the pinata finally burst! Candy flew anywhere!
In this picture the candy had been gathered into a pile for sorting.

While we were gone to Disney World, Tupelo got the biggest snowstorm in years! Here are some pictures of what it looked like when we got home. Sadly, Leah and Sam never felt like playing outside in the pretty snow.


  1. A homemade pinata, what fun! Sorry Leah wasn't feeling well on her birthday. And I can't believe Jimmy went to so much trouble so his girls could have a stuffed animal. He should win dad of the year or something for that!

    You've stirred me up in a good way, too. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I look to you for homeschool planning tips and motivation. I'm also reading the Clarkson book on motherhood in your sidebar. Thanks for the recommendation.

    My computer's been in the shop so I'm stealing a little time on Monk's : ).

    So proud of you and your 90 day reading!


  2. Roan,
    What a good daddy! I can't believe that your yard looks like ours! How fun for your kids! Hope that you're having a good weekend!
    Blessings to you!