Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sam's 5th Birthday

Friday was Sam's 5th birthday. He had a big day!
We began by waking up everyone for presents and breakfast.

Sam's Handy Manny table

Sam's watches Handy Manny every single morning!

This blue tote was one of Sam's gifts. My parents gave Sam a set of Handy Manny tools, and this tote will hold all of the new tools.

Here are Sam's presents in the Birthday Chair.

demonstrating with a pair of swords

Sam posed for pictures most of the day using his "Big 5 Year Old Face", instead of the usual goofy one.

Eagerly awaiting his breakfast of pancakes and bacon

a chocolate mouth!--from the chocolate chips that he put on his pancakes

We spent the day just playing and resting. Sam wanted to play Legos and also play outside in the woods. The boys spent most of the day exploring. Then everyone got cleaned up and we went to Mt. Fuji for a hibachi supper.

Jimmy, Olivia, Julie, and Clay enjoying their soup and salad before the hibachi show began

the birthday boy and Daddy

Leah and Me

both Sam and Leah used chopsticks for their meal

A birthday surprise!
A little cake with a huge flaming candle! The restaurant flashed colored lights and played a lively birthday song while they brought this to Sam. Fun!

the birthday cake--made by Olivia

After supper we came home and enjoyed birthday cake and ice cream. A fun ending to a super day!


  1. Happy birthday Sam! Roan, I want to be like you when I grow up! Fun birthday! :)

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  3. What a wonderful day!! AND Olivia did an awesome job on that cake!!! It looks delicious!!hap

  4. I'm having problems with commenting! Happy Birthday to Sam!

  5. I have noticed in your birthday posts that your family starts the day with a birthday celebration. What a great way to make the birthday person feel extra special all day! Looks like you all had lots of fun!