Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Christmas Tip

Batteries and Budgeting

  • Batteries--If you are purchasing electronic gifts, go ahead and buy the required batteries too. In fact, I usually install the batteries as well. Just make a little battery checklist as you are shopping, and pick up the batteries all at once---especially if you have battery coupons and if they are on sale. Check the ads for Kroger, Walgreens, CVC, etc. for battery sales.
  • Budgeting--Really, budgeting for holiday shopping should begin in January. You can either save a little bit each month, shop a little bit each month, or do both. My girls and I usually think of the handmade items we will make for Christmas gifts in the summer. Then, I watch Hobby Lobby sales papers to see when the materials we will need are on sale.
Typically, stores like Toys R Us begin putting toys on sale and offering coupons and gift cards in late October. My boys both like to add to their Lego collection at Christmastime and on their birthdays. I make a list of Lego sets that are on their "wish list", and I note the regular price of each set at Walmart, Toys R Us and Then when stores start putting the toys on sale in October/November/December, I can tell which store has the best price.

All throughout the year when I see a little something that I think my mother, sister-in-law, child, etc. would like, I go ahead and buy it. Then I store it and make note that I have bought it.

One more online shopping tip. Many online retailers offer free shipping during the couple of months prior to Christmas. If the online store that you are ordering from does not have free shipping, Google a promotional code or a free shipping code for that particular store. Often times you will find a free shipping coupon or code you can use. I recently did this for American Girl, and saved quite a bit with free shipping.

Remember to be working on your Christmas cards--making the picture, ordering the cards, preparing the cards, as well as updating your addresses.

Also continue to wrap any gifts you have purchased. I like to wrap 3 gifts a day. Not that I have done that this week! But that is my goal. I plan to wrap 3 gifts tonight!


  1. Love the tips! Especially love the one about wrapping so many gifts per day/each week whatever. This will be my first year to do that. I'm sure it will relieve a mountain of stress than waiting until the last minute!

  2. I love your Christmas Tips Roan! I am trying to add them and get started earlier on things this year. Thank you for sharing them!