Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Hints

Let's talk thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one week from today! Although I have been working on my December plans, I have not forgotten about Thanksgiving. Each morning after our Bible lesson, I have been reading two or three chapters from Story of the Pilgrims by Margaret B. Pumphrey. I am also reading the rest of our Pilgrim, Indian, and first Thanksgiving picture and informational books to Leah each day.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving in your home? Or are you traveling to a family member's home? There are things to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, no matter where you are celebrating.

Thanksgiving In Your Home
  • You need to finalize your menu, deciding what you are cooking and what dishes (if any) you are asking others to bring. The next couple of days will be the best for grocery shopping. It will just get more and more crowded as next Thursday approaches. I plan to visit Kroger Friday. Many baking items are on sale right now, so stock up!
  • Clean your house. Make a list today of everything that needs to be done, and tackle a little bit each day.
  • Make sure you have all of the paper products you need, or get out your special dishes.
  • Plan how you will decorate your table--maybe a special tablecloth or placemats and napkins. Your children could make place cards or other table decorations.
  • Determine what cooking can be done ahead of time and when you can do it. Make a schedule for your cooking for Thanksgiving day.
Thanksgiving Away From Home
  • Grocery shop for dishes you will be preparing for the meal.
  • Make plans to board pets if needed.
  • Arrange for someone to pick up your mail, newspaper, check on your pets, etc.
  • Make a packing list for you and your family.
  • Clean your house. Make a list and get it clean before you leave town, even if you are just going to be gone for the day. Who wants to come home to a messy house! Plus, the Christmas decorating will begin as soon as you get home!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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