Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Throwing Away My Notebook!

Yesterday Jimmy showed me a new app that he put on his iPhone. It is called TeuxDeux, and it's a To Do list app. I have tried a couple of grocery list type apps, but they were not really that user friendly. I also use the Notes app on my iPhone, but I was also still using my trusty spiral bound notebook, because I couldn't make Notes exactly fit my list making needs.

TeuxDeux has changed my organizing life!

It is so much more than a phone app. In fact, it actually began as a website, and anyone, not just iPhone users, can use TeuxDeux on the web. Just click on this link, TuexDeux, and set up an account. If you have an iPhone, just buy the app, and then you are all set. (This is only the second app that I have paid for on my iPhone....the other purchased app is a word game!)

Now, my first question that I had for Jimmy when I looked at his Teux Deux list was, "Can I change the colors?" (It is black, red, and white.....I prefer pink). He referred me to the FAQs, which plainly states that no, there are no other color options! I recommend that you read the FAQs and watch the 3 short videos about TeuxDeux. They are both informative and humorous!

How does it work, and why do I like it so much?
1. The website really is self-explanatory and very user friendly. You basically type in your to do list under the date that you want to do it. When you complete that item, click on it, and it draws a line through it. If you are like me, you will really like this feature--seeing what you have done crossed off! If you prefer a less cluttered look, you can click on the little x to the right, and the item will disappear.

2. Whatever you don't cross off by the end of the day automatically moves itself to the next day! How neat is that? I used to either recopy my "undone" items to a new page in my notebook or circle or highlight them so I would see them among the crossed off items.

3. If you have the iPhone app, the TeuxDeux lists on your phone and computer sync. So if you are in town, you can cross off items on your phone, and they are also crossed off on your computer. And vice versa. And you can use any computer to access your account!

I really, really like my new TeuxDeux list.

Now I can go cross off blog.

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