Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's Christmas Tip

Today's tip is a repost from 2008.

Today's tip is about organizing your gifts as you wrap them. If you are like me, you have more than one Christmas celebration, with gifts going to more than one family gathering, plus the ones you will be opening in your own home. I have two different ideas:

1. Choose 3 (or however many different gatherings you have) different rolls of wrapping paper. Wrap all of the gifts for people that you will be opening presents with in one location with the same paper. For example, I would wrap my side of the family's gifts in green and white polka dot paper; Jimmy's side of the family's gifts in red and green "Merry Christmas" paper, and the gifts that are exchanged between my family and me on Christmas morning would be wrapped in candy cane striped paper. The presents are easily sorted this way. You can keep all of the gifts under the tree, and just easily gather all of the ones you need for a particular family event. When I use this method, I also choose a 4th roll of paper to wrap the gifts that go to people outside our home, but not to family gatherings (Sunday school teachers, piano teachers, the children's friends, etc.)

2. Wrap the gifts in whatever paper you choose, but designate a place to store the presents, sorting them by destination. When I do it this way I put my family's gifts in our guest room, Jimmy's family's gifts in our schoolroom, and the gifts for others on a table in my storage room. Our family gifts go under the tree.

Some years I wrap each of our family member's gifts in the same paper, using a different roll of paper for each person.

Happy Wrapping!


  1. I always wrap the gifts for each particular child in a paper they pick out. We usually choose a theme like snowmen and each kid has a different snoman wrapping paper. This year I think we're going on a trip instead of exchanging presents. I've always wanted to do that and having just lost his dad, my husband is ready. I think we'll go to Disneyland, but not sure, yet. I love the idea of making memories together rather than spending a bunch of money on stuff. Of course the kids will still get gifts from their grandparents.


  2. Now that is a great tip! Thank you :).

  3. Love your Christmas wrapping tips! Any tips on budgeting, bargain hunting, buying and budgeting when purchasing Christmas gifts!?!

    ~ Ali