Friday, November 26, 2010

A Few Pictures

Here are a some pictures from the last few days.

Leah, Julie, Clay, and Olivia trimming the tree

Sam--I am not sure if he is hanging that candy cane on the tree or eating it.

almost done!

Leah with her cousins Davis and Wesley

Olivia with her great grandmother, Meme

My grandmother, Momo, untangling yarn for Julie

Sweet sisters, Julie and Leah

My daddy with Holly

a little tray of crocheted cookies that Olivia made.
She also made the tray out of plastic canvas and yarn.


  1. The tree looks beautiful and I LOVE the crocheted tray of cookies. My girls would love that project! They are doing well with their knitting, but we haven't tried crocheting yet.


  2. DId Julie have a pattern book for the cookies and tray? I would love for Kaelan to make a set for Ashtyn Claire in the next year or two. That looks so cute! Our decorations and tree went up yesterday. Still a lot to do and I still need to purchase some of the kids' ornaments.

  3. They did a wonderful job! I love the picture of Olivia with her grandmother, and the one of her untangling yarn.

  4. Those little crocheted cookies are adorable! Good job, Olivia!


  5. Those little cookies your daughter made are adorable! Do you think she would be interested in making a set to sale!?! My 4 year old daughter would love them! It would be fun to buy them as a gift for her!

    I'm homeschooling for the first time this oldest son is ins 1st grade and I have a 4 year old daughter and then a 20 month old son. I'm having a hard time getting all his homeschooling done let alone reading aloud like I wanted to when I began planning for this year. Do you have any tips? What am I doing wrong? We are now 4 weeks behind and I'm discouraged that I'm not getting more done. I feel deflated and like sending him back to public school. How do you stay motivated with your home, school teaching, Christmas preparations, laundry, etc? I started the year with such great plans and now that we are nearing the end of our first semester I'm discouraged we haven't done more and I feel behind and overwhelmed with running a home and homeschool.

    Please help with tips! I'm not naturally organized and it makes me wonder if I' am equipped to home school.

    ~ Ali

  6. One other thing I have been meaning to ask you...I'm overweight and that impacts me...I feel discouraged in that area too. Have you always ran and been in shape? I was skinny and a runner before kids but, have slowly gained with each pregnancy and breastfeeding and never got the weight off. I think it impacts how I feel about myself and it makes feel stuck.

    ~ Ali