Saturday, November 6, 2010

This and That

It's been busy the last few days! Well, every day is busy, but the last couple of days have been busy with extra kinds of things.

Thursday, Jimmy was off work. He took the girls on a 12 mile run (they are training for the St. Jude Half-Marathon), and the other children and I did my monthly Walmart shopping. Fun. I also ran on the treadmill that morning, and my legs did not fall off. They did not even hurt. I was surprised, because even on Wednesday it was hard to go down the stairs.
We all attended our homeschool skating session that afternoon, and finished up the night by eating out and doing a little bit of Christmas shopping at Kohl's (on sale, with a coupon!).

Friday began with my friend Lynn and I running 10 miles early in the morning in the freezing cold! Once I got home, I did our Bible lesson with the children, prepared and packed Friday's supper and Saturday's lunch for my boys who were leaving for a Father/Son campout that afternoon.

At noon, my sister-in-law, Megan arrived with her mother and two of her mother's friends. They were on their way to Jackson for Mistletoe Marketplace, and stopped by here to go to a Holiday Bazaar that some of my friends were hosting. We had a great time at the bazaar! I think all of us did a little Christmas shopping, and we certainly enjoyed The Accidental Farmwife's dip and bread samples.

I got home just in time to finish packing up the van for the boys, and then take Olivia and Julie to their friend's house. The boys left shortly after, and the rest of the afternoon and night it was just Leah and me. We had a great time! We played Sorry, Uno, Blockus, and Connect Four. Multiple times. We also made cards for a couple of sick people. I let her use my scrapbooking stamps, and she really enjoyed that!

Since it was supposed to get down to 27 degrees last night, Jimmy brought our boys and Lynn's 3 boys home at bedtime to camp out in our basement. They slept in the schoolroom, and left bright and early this morning to go back to the campsite.

Leah and I left at 6:15 this morning to pick up Olivia, Julie, and three of their friends. We all traveled to Amory for the Bobby K. Mitchell 5K.

Our official XC season is over, but this race is hosted by such a nice family, and we enjoyed their hospitality so much last year, that we just had to attend again. I watched! I also tried to stay warm, and I took a few pictures. I am not the family photographer, but I did manage to get a few decent pictures.

This is a small race. I think last year there were 24 runners.

This year there were 16. Eight of them were Spartans!

The Spartan girl runners...trying not to freeze before the race.

The Spartan boys before the race. After the race, both Andy and Forrest had frost on their hats.

inside after the race---much warmer!

The Overall Winners!
Forrest (3 time male winner at this race), and Julie

After the race I brought all of the girls to our house. They played in the woods while I did laundry, cooked a little bit, and cleaned up the kitchen.

The boys all got home around 1:45. They were dirty! All of our guest were gone by 2:00. I sent everyone to the shower and then to rest! I am resting here on the couch with Sam. He is making up for hours of lost time from not smelling my hair. We are watching the movie CARS (I think this is the 700th time Sam has seen this movie, and I think I can quote the entire thing), and he has not let go of my hair for over an hour!

I feel like we have been going in a thousand different directions over the last couple of days. I am looking forward to us visiting some friends tonight with our own family all together in the same place.


  1. You brought back a very fond memory for middle daughter used go to sleep every night smelling my hair. Since she's 16 now I'd actually forgotten about it :) Seems like just yesterday though :)

  2. Roan,

    I know I am being dense here. I want to subscribe so that your posts come to my email, but I can't seem to find your subscribe button.
    I hope you guys are doing well!!!
    You shame me! I've begged off walking a few times last week due to the coldness! Maybe your posts will inspire me to do better!!
    God bless ~ Connie