Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trimming the Tree!

Yes! We have bought and decorated our Christmas tree! This is the earliest we have ever put up our tree! Friday I was looking at our calendar, and I realized that if we did not get our tree right away, we would not be able to get it until December 12th! Normally we buy, bring home, and decorate our Christmas tree on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving Day. But this year Jimmy is working Thanksgiving Day and all of the weekend too. He also is working every day the next week, and we are running the marathon/half marathon the next Saturday. So it would be Dec. 12th before Jimmy would be able to take his truck and go with us to the, we bought the tree! It is beautiful!
the tree, ready to be decorated

Leah modeling the tree skirt

Sweet Julie and Sam

Olivia decorating

Julie putting on some of her favorite ornaments

Clay hanging an icicle

Leah decorating and having fun too!

Silly Sam! Sam had the most fun!

The beautiful tree is topped with a beautiful paper plate angel, made by Julie when she was 5.

All decorated!

A new ornament given to me by a friend this year

Our tree is covered with handmade and carefully chosen store-bought ornaments. Some of the ornaments were gifts to me, but most of them were gifts from me to the children. I always buy the children one or two new ornaments to hang on the tree each year. Believe it or not, I cannot remember where I put the ornaments I bought to give them this year! I am thinking that they are in the bottom of my Christmas present storage box or in my closet. I plan to look for them soon!
Our tree looks a little bare underneath! I have bought many presents, but STILL have not wrapped a single one! So Julie ran downstairs and wrapped a gift for her daddy to put underneath the tree!

the first gift under the tree!

I plan to slowly get out the rest of our Christmas decorations over the next week. I want to have the holiday decorating complete by next Saturday.
Happy Holidays!


  1. Beautiful! How fun it must be to have all of your children help you decorate. I will be surprised if we have a decorated tree in our house this year. Will is into EVERYTHING and I know he would be undecorating it everyday. But it would be sad not to have one, so we will see.

  2. It looks like a fun family affair! My two older girls usually help me.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Joyful Johnsons. We hope you have a blessed day!