Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Before I began typing this post, I reread all of my Christmas posts from last year.....well, I covered everything! So, rather than rewrite, I am encouraging you to scroll down and look on the left side of my blog for my labels. If you click on Christmas, it will pull up all of my previous posts about Christmas....Christmas traditions, organization, parties, tips, etc.

A few notes....I am definitely serving steak and shrimp for our Christmas dinner (the husband and children did not like my switching to soups last year).
I am continuing the Christmas Eve gift of pajamas to the children. This year I bought coordinating pjs; they are all from the Children's Place (as usual), but I got five different colors.
I am not sure where I am going to store the Christmas gifts as I wrap them! We now have 3 cats (we rescued 2 kittens this summer), and those baby cats are into everything! Our adult cat is pretty well trained.
I cannot stress how much I love my Christmas binder! I love looking back at who I have given gifts to and what those gifts were over the years. I simply cannot remember anything, and it is so handy having this record. I also love having the list of gifts and their recipients as I wrap. It is very gratifying to check each item off!
Our first Christmas party in our home is next week! The children are eagerly looking forward to seeing all of their friends. I will be hosting Jimmy's family one night closer to Christmas, and a few days after that we will travel all the way into town to celebrate Christmas with my family at my brother's house.
A busy, but extremely fun month ahead!

Please visit Kelly's Korner for more fun Christmas traditions!

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