Friday, November 20, 2009

Make Your List

And check it twice!

I have posted about this previously (last year), but since I am in the process of actually doing this, I thought I would remind you too!

Whether you have a Christmas binder, a notebook, or just scraps of loose paper, keep lists this holiday season. Every little thing that you can write down frees your mind to focus on other things. Here are a few examples of lists that I make:

1. Holiday Meal and Baking List
List all of the holiday meals you will be preparing (whether hosting or participating in)....Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, various parties and gatherings. Also make a list of holiday baking you will be doing. Make a separate list of the ingredients required for these items. Beginning this week, start purchasing the necessary products you will need for your cooking. This time of year grocery stores typically put "holiday-type foods and baking ingredients" on sale. Stock up as you see the items you need when they are on sale. Keep this list in your purse so you can refer to it whenever you are out grocery shopping.

2. Gift List
I make several lists for this category. Lists for each of my children, my husband, my extended family, teachers and friends, and sibling gifts (things I buy for my children to give each other--from my "store"). Also a list of who will receive homemade goodies. My lists have four columns. Name, Gift, Purchased, Wrapped. I make a separate list for each child, but I put my extended family all together.

I haven't put up anymore Christmas decorations, but I did find the XM Christmas station in my car, and we watched a family movie last night, all piled up in my bedroom (5 in the bed, 2 on the floor on bean bags)---The Grinch! I completed a lot of Christmas shopping this week. Jimmy was off for two days, so we shopped and did housework. I still haven't started wrapping gifts! But they are stacking up in my gift wrap area, and I have them all listed in my binder!

Happy List Making!


  1. Got my notebook! Got my gift list made! Got my Christmas list made! I will wrap a gift or two tonight! :) You have trained me well! Ha!

  2. You put all of us "slackers" to shame. I have bought almost nothing, I have no lists, I have not started decorating, but I do have my Christmas cards. Miss you guys, Julie

  3. You have truly inspired me to do a better job of planning all around, Roan!! I still want to "chat" with you about some things, but in the doing mode right now!!

    I love the idea of the list for people who get baked goods. I haven't planned well for that before at all. As for shopping...I have 2 gifts purchased, and will begin serious shopping after Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for all your help in getting us organized! You're my hero-ess!!

    Blessings and hugs,

    Oh and I LOVE the idea of being in PJ's all day! Might have to try that one!! :o)