Friday, November 6, 2009

A Busy Week

This week seemed so busy! Every night after I got all the children to bed I planned to blog.....but by the time I got in my bed, I was just too tired to turn on the laptop!

Here's a recap of our week:
Monday--We began school again after our week-long fall break. The highlight of the school day was beginning Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, our current read aloud. This is an excellent book! In fact, we read 4 chapters yesterday! Also Monday the children had piano lessons, and I discovered that my car would not start! Thankfully, our painter was here, and he jumped my van off. I got a new battery put in the van while the children were at piano. Next we went to cross country practice. I hobbled 6 miles while they ran. I was extremely sore from the half-marathon!

Tuesday--another full school day. We attended cross country practice that afternoon, and then we went across town to our annual homeschool Back to School Picnic. Except that this year it was held in November, not exactly a back to school month! This picnic was originally scheduled for early September, and again in October, but both times it was rained out! Normally this picnic is held outdoors at a city park, but we have had so much rain here this late summer and early fall. The third time this picnic was scheduled, it was moved to an indoor location. Perfect!

after the meal, the girls pulled out their bags of yarn!
This annual picnic is always a fun night of fellowship with old friends and an opportunity to meet new homeschoolers too.

Wednesday--thankfully we did not have xc practice today, but I tackled a lot of housecleaning on this day. We had church that night.

Thursday--school again followed by Homeschool Skating. Our local homeschool group offers a 2 hour skating session 5 times during the school year. My children really look forward to skating days. We usually have 50+ kids attend skating. The little children bring their bicycles, tricycles, scooters, and various other riding toys. Sam usually spends the entire 2 hours in my lap.
For the first time, Leah skated! She did a super job, and she only fell once. She made two complete laps around the rink.....with me by her side (holding her hand while I carried Sam on the other hip). When she could, she held on to the padded wall. Oh, the joy of helping a child learn to skate! Ha! I am just glad that Sam and I did not fall!

laced up and ready to skate

"I'm so excited about skating"

holding on to the wall

a group of resting girls---the next time I looked at this group of girls, they were crocheting and knitting! These girls do not leave the house without their bags of yarn!

Aaron and Clay
Friday--Clay, Leah, Sam, and I went to town and bought groceries (where my young male checker asked me as he was weighing/scanning my asparagus...."Do you know what this is?") first thing this morning. We spent the rest of the morning completing our schoolwork. After lunch, Jimmy took the boys to visit his parents and run some other errands while the girls and I worked around the house for a little while and then did a little shopping at Hobby Lobby (more yarn, of course). I also got a little bit of Christmas shopping done.
Tomorrow morning we have another 5K race.


  1. What a surprise to see Aaron on your blog this morning! We have enjoyed the skating days this year. It's fun to actually SEE people!

  2. Sounds like a busy but FUN week! Do all your kids take piano lessons? I play and love it but tried both my kids with piano lessons and they just never really enjoyed it, so we stopped. Reading a book aloud sounds great!!!

  3. What a busy, but FUN week! Loved the pictures!

    ~ Jennifer

  4. What a fun week! Can't wait till the kids are a little bigger to go skating! And the yarn! ooh fun. Enjoy the weekend-