Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Last Race of This Season!

Clay and Julie after the race

Thankfully, yet sadly, our 2009 cross country season is officially over! The last 3 months have been a tremendous amount of fun for both the children and me! However, I am so glad that I do not have to wake up 5 children before daylight this Saturday morning, get them all dressed and into the van, remember the 500 things that I have to bring, and arrive by 7:00 at a race location! The children, especially my older girls, are so sad that the season has ended. Attending practice 3 times a week was the highlight of their week! Our official practices will not resume until March, but after a couple of weeks of rest, I plan to organize at least a once a week time for area xc team members to meet and run together.

The last race was fabulous! Julie and Clay set personal records, and Olivia ran better than she had all season! They were all thrilled! Jimmy missed this race because he was doing a 22 mile training run. I chose to not torture myself with trying to meet my personal goal of one day breaking 25 minutes in a 5K, and I ran with my friend Lynn. We had a grand time.....well, I did anyway. She told me the pace she wanted to run, and I kept us at that pace......well for most of the time I did! I would get to talking, and look down at my watch, and we were going too fast! Overall it was a good pace, and Lynn set a PR at this race too!

After the awards ceremony, the Spartans and their families gathered at a Spartan's family home, and we enjoyed an afternoon of food, fun, and fellowship. Coach Heather awarded several team and individual awards for the season, and the runners presented her with numerous cards and gifts.

Here are some highlights of the day....

some Spartan girls (and baby brother!) after the race

Coach Heather with some Spartans

trying to get a group shot.....The Homeschool TV Channel was there filming!

dear friends, Lynn and Kelly
As you can see, Kelly's trophy is larger than Lynn's. But, Lynn and I finished ahead of Kelly! He won 1st place in his age group, and I think Lynn won 3rd.....but we were faster!!

My award winners!

At the cookout....Leah was thrilled to ride this horse! I think she took 3 or 4 turns!

Lynn and Me

Coach Heather with my girls and Danielle

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  1. At least you can run locally! We swim and the nearest aquatic center is 2 hrs away. Most meets are 4 hrs away- so that means leave the house at 5 am! Thankfully, we don't have meets every weekend!