Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Last night I took down all of my fall decorations and packed them away. The house has looked autumn-y since September 1st, and I was tired of looking at pumpkins and leaves! I am slowly putting up my Christmas decorations. We will not be able to enjoy them nearly as long as we did the fall decor.

Yesterday I also removed from storage my 4 sets of Christmas dishes and placed them in the kitchen cabinets. I have collected these dishes for the last 18 years.....the first and only complete set (plates, bowls, serving pieces, etc.) was a gift from Jimmy to me the first Christmas we were married. They are my favorite ones, because he was so sweet to give them to me, and because they are really pretty. I was so excited to receive those Christmas dishes that year! I also have a set of dessert plates and mugs (from Target, about 12 years ago), a set of dinner plates (also from Target about 10 years ago, and also a gift from Jimmy), and a set of square dinner plates, salad plates and small bowls that I bought from Kohl's (on sale, with a coupon!) last year. We use all 4 sets throughout the holiday season.

I found the Christmas XM radio station on DirectTV last night and played holiday music while I packed away various picture frames and make room for my Christmas decorations. I set the dining room table with Christmas dishes and put the table arrangement in there too.

Yesterday and today I have completed a good bit of Christmas shopping. Maybe I will finally get around to wrapping a few gifts tonight! Once I get started, I will try to wrap at least 3 gifts a day.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Love the new picture at the top of your blog! And I think so many of us are more than ready for Christmas! Would love to see some of your plates! Love that your hubby purchased you a set! That really is sweet! Enjoy your day!

  2. 'Still enjoying our Thanksgiving season here! We Gather Together and Come Ye Thankful People Come are being sung and played on the piano. We still have another week and two days to enjoy our fall things and I hope to sit down and light the candles a few more times before bringing in all the tinsel and holly.

    HOWEVER, I did purchase Advent candles yesterday. Just happened to see them at Lifeway and Jackson pointed them out to me! He is looking forward to Advent.

  3. What a great idea to actually use our Christmas dishes. I'm kind of slow. I have a fabulous collection because I inherit all my mom's cast-offs. If they have even a tiny chip in the paint she gives them to me. She's also been buying them for me since I married 11+ yrs ago. We always have a Christmas party and I get them out for that and maybe the cups for cider at Bible study in December, but I've honestly never thought about just using them for our meals. You've inspired me!