Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Visiting With Warren and Holly

When I signed our family up to run the Peachtree 10K, my first hurdle was child care for Leah and Sam. When I run local races either my parents or a dear friend from our church family (whose husband runs too) watch Leah and Sam while I run. When we travel to Memphis, I usually push them in the stroller. However, running a race 5.5 hours from home presented a child care challenge!

So, what did I do??? We invited ourselves to Jimmy's cousin's house for the weekend! Warren, his sweet wife Holly, and their 3 year old twins graciously agreed to host us and take care of Leah and Sam while we ran! What a wonderful family! How brave to open your home to 7 people for 2 nights! I am so grateful to Warren and Holly for their hospitality and generosity!

We arrived at Warren and Holly's just before suppertime Friday night. We enjoyed supper together, and the children had a great time playing both inside and outside.

Sam and Warren

Warren providing entertainment

Warren is an accomplished pianist and singer. He thrilled the children with his playing and singing! They begged for more!

After the race on Saturday we napped, then we rode over to Holly's brother's house where the children swam, Holly and I visited and supervised, and Warren and Jimmy fished on a boat in the lake.
Holly and Me watching the kids swim

Next, we ended our 4th of July celebration by taking a picnic into town and watching the spectacular fireworks display.

Clay at the picnic

Sunday morning, we attended Bible classes and worship service with Warren and Holly. We enjoyed their church family so much! After a quick lunch we packed up, cleaned up, and headed home!

What a great weekend!


  1. We had a wonderful time with you all and look forward to you all making an annual trek this way!

  2. What great pictures! Seems like a great family to visit! And you look very relaxed!