Friday, July 17, 2009

The Flower Girl

Last Saturday Leah was the flower girl in a dear friend's wedding. The bride formerly babysat for me for a couple of years (once or twice a week), and she still occasionally helps me with Leah and Sam at local races. Her parents have been good friends of ours for many years, and now we have gotten to know her new husband too.

Being the flower girl absolutely thrilled Leah. She took her job very seriously! She practiced dropping rose petals on the floor and then picked them back up numerous times before the ceremony! But meeting the ring bearer proved to be the most fun of all! Jackson and Leah hit if off almost immediately! They are the same age, and they spent most of their time together during the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, before the wedding, and at the reception talking, giggling, and acting silly.
Jackson and Leah at the rehearsal dinner
Leah and Jackson sporting their new hats given to them from the bride and groom. Hers says "Flower Girl" and his says "Ring Bearer".

This is how they looked most of the evening!

Saturday morning, Leah and I were told to arrive at the wedding place at 11:45. dressed and ready for pictures. I packed Leah's pretty flower girl dress and shoes in the car and laid out a play dress and sandals for her to wear on the way. I instructed her to get dressed and just wait while I showered and got myself ready. I entered the den around 11:20, at just the exact time I needed to usher Leah into the car so that we would arrive on time.......I couldn't find Leah anywhere! I called and called her. No response. I saw her dress and sandals still lying on the couch where I had placed them. Where was Leah? It was time to go! I did not want to be late!
I found Leah-----IN THE SWIMMING POOL! Soaking wet! I panicked! We needed to leave immediately, and here was Leah leisurely playing in the pool! I calmly instructed (YELLED at) her to please come inside and get dressed for the wedding! I could not believe how late we were going to be, and I was so sorry to be doing this to the bride! I quickly blew dry Leah's hair, dressed her, and left! I texted the bride telling her what had happened.....As we were driving across town, I happened to look at the instruction sheet the bride had given us the night before. It had the picture schedule listed. Yes, Leah was supposed to be dressed and ready at 11:45, but her actual pictures were not scheduled until 12:30!!!! Hooray! The bride knew that some people would be running late so she assigned us an early arrival time! We wheeled in at 12:00, and I had Leah dressed and pretty by 12:05! Whew!

Don't they look precious?

They both did a fabulous job! The wedding was beautiful!


  1. I am sure this was very stressful for you- but it's so funny to read about!! :) She did look beautiful!

  2. I have laughed and laughed since you texted me that story! She looks precious!

  3. Leah looks beautiful!! This is one of those funny stories you guys will be talking about years from now!
    This week, I went to visit a friend who just had a new baby. As she told me of things her small children were doing, so many memories - almost forgotten - kept coming to mind! Some touching, some funny - now! But not at the time!!
    Thanks for sharing Leah's picture!!