Monday, July 20, 2009

Design A Wish 5K

Very early Saturday morning we left for the Design A Wish 5K in Memphis. The weather was pleasantly cool, unusual for July. Jimmy graciously pushed Leah and Sam in the stroller, and he set the pace for me. I wanted to try to finish the race in less than 25 minutes (really an unrealistic goal!), so Jimmy ran beside or slightly ahead of me (when I got tired!) running an 8 minute/mile pace the entire race. In spite of the nice weather and an awesome pacer, I fell slightly short of my goal----I finished in 25:06. I was disappointed for a few seconds, but quickly reminded myself that ran my absolute best! I was on the verge of an asthma attack and getting sick the last 1/2 mile! I really appreciated Jimmy for pacing me! I would have never run that well without Jimmy! Thanks honey!

Jimmy and Me after the race--as soon as we finished, Jimmy ran the race course again--this time faster than we did the first time!
At the awards ceremony, Jimmy won 2nd place, Olivia won 2nd place, Julie won 1st place, and Clay won 2nd place!! Yay Family! No, even though I ran my personal best, I did not win a medal!! In my age group the winners all ran 22-23 minutes!
Leah enjoying a post race donut--she was tired after being pushed so fast!
Clay enjoying his post race donut!
Olivia crocheting after the race
Julie and Leah
After the awards ceremony, we quickly toured the Pink Palace. The race was held at the Pink Palace, and our family membership that we purchased last year at this race had not expired yet, so we enjoyed another visit.
Lynn and Kelly and their family were in Memphis too--Lynn and the children had just picked up Kelly from the airport. They called us, and we arranged to meet them at the Rendevouz for lunch. Yummy!

Avery, Leah, Sam, and Jared enjoying their very messy ribs!

Everyone's face looked almost as bad as Sam's!

Olivia and Julie enjoying their ribs

Next we all walked over to the Peabody Hotel to look around and see the ducks.

All of the children on the steps at the hotel

Our family on the roof of the hotel

All of the children in the lobby area. Jimmy says that he remembers these same dogs when he was a child.
We had a fun day--both running the race and spending time with the Mims Family.


  1. Roan, that is a great run! Tell the rest of the family congrats. Oh, by the way, I love your shirt and Olivia's. They are both great! Glad you all had a good time.

  2. Fun! And congratulations to all the runners!

  3. You guys all did great!! Kudos to all!! What a fun family day for you guys!! Are you guys running in the Bodock Race?

  4. You are welcome! I was a child just a couple of years ago... I Love You! JJ