Thursday, July 30, 2009

School Prep Update

Align LeftI have finished every item from my Panic List except preparing for the back to school treasure hunt, and preparing Clay's spelling. I also completed several more items that I didn't even think of when I typed the Panic I think we are on track to start school Aug. 3rd! Tomorrow will be our Pre-School day. On this day I will sit with each child individually and review his school plan for the year. I will explain the set -up of his binder, thumb through any new books, and explain to him my expectations for him for the school year. We also will have a special breakfast, back to school photographs, and the back to school treasure hunt. On Monday, we will be ready to dive into school, bright and early!

This year Leah will alternate working with me (math, phonics, and Sonlight read aloud time) and playing in the schoolroom with educational activities. I plan to have 3 different sessions with Clay (one for general schoolwork help and checking his work, one for IEW, and one for history read alouds). Thankfully, Olivia and Julie will complete almost all of their work independently. I will address their needs between my sessions with Leah and Clay. Sam will begin his day with Leah and me, reading books, singing songs, and playing a simple game each day (Bingo, Candyland, Memory, etc.), and then he will alternate playing with our rotation of educational activites in the schoolroom and playing with Leah, Clay or Julie.
I listed our upcoming school year's curriculum in the right side bar. Feel free to ask me any questions about what we are using.


  1. Roan,

    I know you guys will have a wonderful school year due to your careful planning, and most of all, because of your love for your children. I pray the Lord's richest blessing on each of you this school year!!

  2. Laminating and cutting out as we speak! I took a break for a little inspiration. We are planning gymnastics for this fall, as it is ALWAYS hot right into the fall months. LSU is right down the street, and there is an all-boys class, which Jack is really psyched about!
    I'm breaking it(home school subjects) down, getting one subject in line and then adding another. We've been doing this for a while, so we should be officially starting just about the time you do. Can't wait to hear more, wishing you all the best for this year! God bless you all- Laura

  3. Great Job... I am working, even now! I really like your idea about the pre-school day. I think we will definitely do that next week. Seems as if it would make the first real day go much more smoothly!

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