Sunday, July 26, 2009

School Prep 7

I am planning to begin our new school year August 3, but I may have to move it to August 10, depending on how much I get done this week.
Here's what's left on my "To Do List"
1. Pick up 8 workbooks that I had spiral bound at Staples.
2. Make copies for Clay's IEW
3. Check science supply kits that I ordered for missing items (things that are not included, but that we will still need) and prepare the 3 science kits. I haven't even begun collecting the items for Biology.
4. Clean schoolroom and school bathroom.
5. Put up Medieval Times wall decor and timeline.
6. Sort history books by time period (Dark Ages and Middle Ages) and by grade level (some are for Julie, some are for Clay, and some are for our family read aloud.)
7. Make a schedule for the school year.
8. Install all three Teaching Textbooks maths, Mississippi History, various computer literacy programs, and Building Thinking skills on three different computers.
9. Make a new preschool activity list for Sam and Leah.
10. Upload Clay's spelling words on his iPod (Excellence in Spelling sold by IEW).
11. Locate various books (in our house) that Leah will need for her Sonlight kindergarten curriculum.
12. Prepare clues for our Back to School Scavenger Hunt.
13. Wrap the little gifts for the scavenger hunt.
This list does not include the 2/3 of the items on my Summer List that I never got to. Where has the time gone this summer???
So, if you are homeschooling and are not quite ready for the new school year either, please join me and don't panic!!


  1. Can't wait to hear about the first week of school! Looking forward to seeing picts, and hearing all the details!
    We're car shopping this week, so my blog is all 'stress induced'... not planned!
    Have a blessed week- hope everything on the to-do list get's done! Laura

  2. It looks like you still have a pretty good list to do as well. I'm afraid I'm not near as organized as you are, but this is a goal I have for us this year.
    As far as the running, I have been running the mile and a half straight without walk breaks. The program we were doing increased gradually and at one point was doing something like run 8, walk 5, run 8. Then it went to running 20 min. straight. At first I could not do the 20 minutes and for some reason was focused more on my distance than time. I know this is what tripped me up, so I tried working on it. I did finally run the 20 straight, but have been sick for a week almost and have not been able to run. I'm afraid I've been set back so far I'll never catch up. I keep telling my hubby who is doing great, that he didn't even want to run so why is he so into it. I guess it is like I've heard so many times, if you get into running you will become addicted. I have always wanted to be a runner, but for some reason I don't push myself like I should. I'm hoping I get over this sickness soon and can get back into. I am determined to run the Susan Komen race in Oct.
    Thanks for all of the advice. Dawn

  3. In case you don't realize it the last comment was by me, Dawn. I have changed my e-mail to a gmail account and for some reason it want let me change my e-mail info to a g-mail account on blogger. So therefore it is in my first name. I figured it might throw you off.


  4. Getting caught up myself today on some blogs and yours is one! Love the photos of your son mowing the lawn! Our son just started that chore also. So between him and our daughter, hubby doesn't have to do it at all! Hope you get to start on time for the homeschooling! I admire so many people who do this!

  5. Love your list! My hero1 ;)

  6. I am not ready yet! Trying not to panic!!! I have been enjoying your school prep posts. You are a great inspiration for all us moms to be more organized! I am a huge fan of lists and make them for all sorts of things. It's great to be able to cross things off when I get them done. Zane got extremely sick this weekend so I haven't been able to do much of anything toward school prep. I still have lots to do too but hopefully it will come together! We are starting on the 10th.
    See you Thursday!

  7. Roan,

    Best wishes on getting everything check off your list!!
    I am going to have to check on the spelling program you mentioned for Clay. It may be something that M.C. would like. Spelling is so hard for her, anything that makes it more interesting is great!!