Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I have been feeling sentimental today. Maybe it's because of the precious handmade Valentines the children made me, Jimmy and each other. Maybe it's because I watched CMT Top Twenty Countdown while running on the treadmill today, and most of the songs were love songs or songs about family. Maybe it's because Jimmy is working for 36 hours straight (with no sleep), I miss him, and I keep thinking about the early Valentine gift he gave me. Whatever the reason, I have been thinking all day about how much I am blessed. I love my family! My children really are so sweet and caring. My husband is so thoughtful and hard-working. I try to not complain about the hours he works. He is providing for me and my children. I also try to frequently tell him that I am so thankful that he works so hard for all of us.

Jimmy gave me the best Valentine present---6 cases of bottled water! I was thrilled to receive it! I love bottled water. When I used to buy it, I usually drank 4-6 bottles each day. About a year ago Jimmy asked that I not buy anymore bottled water. He felt that I was creating too much plastic trash, consuming so many bottles a day. All of that water was expensive too, so I readily agreed. I bought each of us a nice refillable bottle, and used our tap water to fill it. Well, I really love the taste of bottled water, so while I still drink water, I have not been drinking nearly as much. Occasionally I have picked up a case of bottled water when we were going on a picnic or on vacation, and I would enjoy that bottled water so much! So now you see why I am so excited about my gift! 6 cases of bottled water! I am already enjoying it so much! When it runs out, I plan to go back to my refillable water bottle, but while it lasts I am loving it!

Cherish the little things in your life with your family. Love your husband and children. Show your appreciation to them. Try to make the most of every day. You are making memories all the time. Even if you are swamped with laundry, bills, housekeeping, and other things, remember that the people you live with are way more important than the things.

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