Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disney Day 7

This was our last day at Disneyworld. The forecast was rain, so Jimmy left his camera in the hotel. We don't have many pictures of this day, but we did have a great time. One highlight was riding Mt. Everest. What a roller coaster! Once was enough for me, but Leah and the other children and adults rode it multiple times. We posed for pictures with a few characters, rode some other rides, and saw the show The Lion King. It did indeed rain later in the afternoon, but we were prepared with raincoats.
At the end of the day we packed up our car and got on the road, headed home. We drove until about midnight. We spent the night somewhere in Georgia, and then drove the rest of the way on Friday.
What a trip! It was exhausting, but lots of fun! And lots of memories were made.

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