Monday, February 9, 2009

Running This Week

I have forgotten what week we are on in our training with Olivia for the Half Marathon on April 25th. We lost a couple of weeks with the stomach virus and our vacation. We began again last Monday, slowly. We ran 3,3,3,6 last week, and this week is 3,4,3,7. For our six miles last week, we ran on the trail that Olivia, Julie, and Jimmy ran on all last summer with the cross country team. Besides running on the trail in our woods, that was my first experience running a trail run. It was difficult! I prefer pavement! The scenery was pleasant though, and the weather was really nice. I am sure we will run there again; now I know what to expect!
Jimmy is coming along very nicely training for the full marathon on April 25th. While we are slowly building from 15 miles a week to a peak of 28 miles a week, Jimmy is currently logging 40+ miles each week! I am so proud of his dedication. He has set this goal for himself, and I have no doubt that he will exceed his personal expectation. Running that many miles, working and taking call, and spending every spare moment with us.....Jimmy is doing a super job!

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