Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Fun Day

Today was a fun day. Russ and Megan were visiting Jimmy's and Russ's parents this weekend, so we went up there to visit with everyone too. Megan and I spent over an hour (with sleeping Sam in my lap) trying to put a new background on my blog. Blogger was having some sort of technical difficulty, so we were unable to change the background. We did however accidentally delete my blog list (which happens every time I change my background, but since we weren't successful in changing the background, I am not sure why the blog list disappeared!). Since Sam was asleep in my lap, Megan was my "secretary". She did all of the clicking, typing, cutting and pasting. We finally got all of my blog list back up. If you were on my list, and you do not see your blog on my list, please leave me a comment. We tried very hard to add everyone back.

The high school basketball team played in the north half state championship game tonight, so we all attended that. The gym was crowded, and we were unable to all sit together. So Megan and I talked throughout the game using our favorite mode of communication: text messaging!

Megan brought me the best gift! A published book of my blog from its beginning through December 2008. What a fabulous present! I have enjoyed looking at it so much, and Olivia and Julie have each read the whole thing. It is like having a family yearbook. What a neat idea! Thanks so much Megan!


  1. We had such fun! Thanks for everything! Love ya'll!

  2. BTW, Liesa - I published it through There is another blog publishing company called blog2print, but the pictures don't upload in the right places because they don't have permission from blogger. Anyway, I copied and pasted the posts into Word (you would definitely want to do this as you go because it takes a while), then I uploaded into to be published. I created a cute cover and uploaded that as well. You can write on the back cover just like you would see in a real book. You can order black and white or color. Of course, color is much better! :) I absolutely LOVE mine!!! And, I'm glad Roan loves hers. We will both order one every year, I'm sure! If you need help, just let me know. It's so much fun to have and look at! Like a journal.

  3. I would love to see a few pictures of the book!