Friday, February 6, 2009

Disney Day 5

Hollywood Studios
This day was spent visiting Hollywood Studios. This was one of my favorite days. I stuck to my original plan of riding every ride at least once. The Rock N Roller Coaster was one of those that I rode once, and once was probably enough! We all enjoyed the Great Movie Ride, the Muppet 3D Show, Toy Story Mania, and the super parade: The Block Party. Lynn has some great pictures of The Block Party on her blog.
Our family as we entered the park.Lynn and Kelly's Family
Sam and Leah reading the maps to tell us where to goTHE TOWER OF TERROR!!!!!Sam happily playing while his mother had a near death experience!I have been to Disneyworld 4 times since the children were born, but until this trip, I was not brave enough to ride the TOWER OF TERROR! Words cannot describe how disturbing this ride was to me. I really though I was going to die. I told Lynn this over and over as we were dropping and dropping and dropping!!
Jimmy took this picture of me as I exited the TOWER OF TERROR. Leah and Olivia at Honey I Shrunk the Kids PlaygroundLeah with Sully in front of Boo's door
One of my favorite things we did at Hollywood Studios was visit this Toy Story Photo Op set. As you were waiting in line to meet Woody and Buzz, you could have your picture made at various places. These pictures are really cute!
Can you tell that we are standing on Andy's bed?Sam really enjoyed seeing Lightening McQueen, Tow Mater, and Luigis.Clay and Sam at LuigisSam was afraid to get down here. I think the "real" McQueen and Mater overwhelmed him!A fun, fun part of the day was attending the American Idol Experience. As we entered the park in the morning, there were a couple of people asking you if you wanted to try out for the American Idol Experience. Any park visitor could appear before a panel of judges and "try out" by singing a song. The judges narrowed down the candidates to a smaller number who then sang for the producers. The producers then chose 9 singers to compete in the American Idol Experience. I briefly considered trying out......but I really cannot sing well, I just enjoy singing! Anyway, at 4, 5, and 6 PM, they tape 3 different American Idol Experiences. We attended the 4PM show. It was so much fun! They tried to make it as much like the real American Idol as possible. There were even taped messages played from Ryan Seacrest and several past American Idol contestants and winners. The 3 contestants each sang one song and then were judged by a panel of three judges (who were similar to Randy, Paula, and Simon). At the end of the competition, the audience voted for their favorite of the three. The winner of each show then competed against each other at 7 PM. The winner of that show was awarded the grand prize of a "golden ticket"--a ticket to the front of the line at any tryout of American Idol next year. I am not sure exactly how that will work, but it sure was fun! My favorite contestant that we saw was a young father of 5 from Texas. He did not win, but he was so much fun to watch. I ran into him at the park and got to talk to him and tell him how much I enjoyed his performance!
Rebecca, Julie,Olivia, and LeahLeah and Jared enjoying a snack.The boys attended a car stunt show while we were at American Idol.
This was another great day!
Sam--too tired to eat lunch!


  1. Love all the pictures. I think I am going to steal one and post on my blog. Four down, One to go! Jared did have fever 101! I gave him Motrin,and he is sleeping on the couch now.

  2. Yes...the last and only time I rode Tower of Terror I screamed continuously, "I'm about to dye! I'm about to dye! I'm about to dye!" IN the picture, my friend is looking at me with fear for my life checking on me. It's hilarious! Glad you had a good time!

  3. Dear Roan,

    From your pictures posted, it appears to have been a very fun trip. I know the children enjoyed it, but adults do too. I last attended Disney World 20 years ago when Crystal was 9 years old. There was only one theme park back then and it took all day to see it. We were ther from opening time to closing time. I also took Kim when she was 9. Both times I've been were very memorable.

    I enjoyed seeing you and your children at Konos on Friday.