Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disney Day 4

Riding the monorail to Epcot

Outside of The Seas--the first attraction we visited.

Inside The Seas we rode the Finding Nemo ride, visited the aquarium, and attended the show "Turtle Talk"

At the aquarium inside The Seas

Julie helping us decide where to go next.

While we were in this part of Epcot, we also visited The Land, rode Soarin, Test Track, and Mission Mars. I decided before this trip that I would ride every ride at least once. This was my first time for Soarin and Test Track. Both of them I enjoyed enough to do again, but Mission Mars was just too intense. I thought I was going to be sick! Of course Leah rode all of them more than once thanks to fast passes and rider switch passes (from Lynn and me). On most rides and attractions the children got to ride twice in a row using the rider switch passes that Lynn and I got since Sam was too short for all of the rides and Avery was sometimes reluctant to ride or was too short.

Around lunchtime we ventured to the "world" part of Epcot. We enjoyed lunch at Moracco. Everyone tried something new, and it was pretty good. My kids will try anything.


Donald Duck in Mexico
Acrobats in China. This was very entertaining!
Carson, Parker, and Clay in France.
We ate supper in France. This food was good too, especially the desserts! After supper we finished visiting the countries, then we secured a good spot to watch Illuminations, the firework and light display shown above the lake. It really was spectacular!

Olivia and Rebecca waiting for the fireworks.

Leah, Parker, Carson, and Clay waiting for the fireworks.
After a long day of fun and food, we headed back to the hotel. Leah and Sam both fell asleep while we were still at Epcot. They slept all the way back and crashed into bed.

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