Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Do You Take Them Food?

Monday afternoon one of my friend's mother passed away.  Within minutes of hearing the news, Lynn, Leanna, and I were making our take them a meal plan. Some of our questions to each other were:

What night should we take it?
What can we prepare/pick up that is simple to prepare and delicious too?
How best can we coordinate our efforts since Leanna had a homeschool co op all day, Lynn and I had Spartans practice, and we all have school and other homemaking responsibilities?

Sam overheard most of this conversation (talking/texting with Siri), and he asked me, "Why do you take them food? Before I could answer he continued his questioning.

Sam:  And why do you take food to someone when they have a new baby?  Why can't the daddy hold the baby when he gets home from work while the mother cooks supper?
Me:  Well…..first of all, it takes a while to cook supper.  I am sure most daddies are ready for supper when they get home or shortly thereafter….so it would be nice if the food was ready or almost ready.  And the new mother is tired.  She is tired from giving birth and also from not getting much sleep.  She has to get up a lot during the night to feed and take care of the baby.  She also may be chasing toddlers around and/or trying to keep her older children on task with their school work.  She may have children that she has to take and pick up from school, etc.  Bottom line, it is such a nice thing to have someone bring you a meal after you have a baby.  And it's nice to receive those meals for a few weeks.
It's a good way for people who love and care about you to show their love and concern for you.
Sam: Well, why don't people take breakfast and lunch too?  They have to eat that too.
Me:  That's a good question.  Sometimes people do bring you muffins or some kind of breakfast bread to reheat.  That's a really nice thing to include with your supper meal.  But really, the family can eat cereal or toast, and usually there is enough food given to them to use for leftovers for lunch too.
Sam: Why are you taking food to Mrs. Barbara?  Why do you take food to a person's house when they have someone in their family to die?
Me:  Again, it's just the kind thing to do.  The family is so sad, and cooking a meal is the last thing on their mind.  They need to eat.  They may have out of town family coming in to stay.  They are busy with funeral plans.  Someone bringing them a meal, a meal that can feed lots of people, is such an act of kindness.  It's how we can show love and concern to someone going through a difficult time.  It's an act of service.  It's just a good thing to do.
And we take food to people when they are recovering from surgery or are suffering from an extended illness, or are confined to bed for some reason.

Then I asked him if he remembered all the food that family and friends brought us when I had my surgeries almost 3 years ago.  I reminded him how excited he and his siblings were each night when someone brought a delicious meal.  It was such a treat, and so, so helpful!

So here is the meal the my friends and I came up with, and we agreed that it came together so easily that when the need arises, we will do this menu again.  Some of the food was take-out, and some was prepared in our homes.

Our menu:
chicken strips (Abner's Chicken)
2 large salads with dressing and breadsticks (Olive Garden)
1 gallon of tea
baked potatoes and fixings
baked beans

Here are a few pointers/ideas for taking food to someone:

  • Use disposable or non-returnable containers.
  • Provide paper goods (plates, napkins, etc.)
  • Consider taking a simple breakfast item as well.
  • Plan your "go-to" meal for when the need arises.  In fall and winter I usually prepare a roast with carrots, potatoes, and onions in my crock pot, green beans, and rolls.  In spring and summer I usually make a pasta salad, a green salad with dressing, and a fruit salad.  With both meals I fix rice krispie treats for dessert.
  • Double casseroles when you make them for your family and freeze one to give to another family.
  • Make sure you cook enough of the food you are taking to someone for your family too!
Taking a meal to someone in need is such a blessing….both to the giver and the receiver.


  1. It's a lovely think to do. It was the Anniversary of my mother's death on the 23rd Jan and what always comes to mind, (on top of the expected emotions) is the memory of a woman who was an acquaintance from play group making my family and I a huge pot of food for me and my family. She had a busy life - three children to look after and a life to live but she took time out to look after me and to make things less stressful for us here at home, (my 3rd child was only 4 weeks old at the time). It was the kindest most memorable gesture. Sadly we have very different lives now so rarely see each other but I know that she's good to the core. You are right, making a meal for someone is such a blessing. Love to you and yours. I'm enjoying your blog by the way!

  2. Gah, thing to do, not think!!! Sorry, auto correct on over drive.