Saturday, January 17, 2015

Disney Group 2015: The Adults

Please bear with me…..after this post, I have only two more Disney-related posts planned:  The Rides and The Runners.

Disney World is as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids!  We grown-ups had tons of fun on this trip.

A few fast facts:
  • This is the 4th time the Mims Family (Kelly and Lynn) and our family have vacationed together at Disney World.  We have had adjoining hotel rooms every time.  We bring the coffee pot!
  • This is the 2nd joint vacation for the Johnsey family (Joe and Leanna), the Mims Family and us--we all went to Seaside together last May.
  • This is the 2nd time the Sanders Family (Greg and Esther) have joined us on our Disney vacation.
  • Jimmy, Leanna, and Stacee are all 1st cousins.
  • Joe and Mark (Stacee's husband) are 1st cousins as well.
  • Lynn, Leanna, and I had a party in the laundromat several nights while we were there.
  • We ate a lot of pizza.

 Jimmy and Greg

 Lynn and Kelly
They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary while we were there. These red shirts stated that on the back.

 Stacee and Mark

 Me and Benjamin from France
Benjamin spent about an hour with me at Epcot helping me sync my phone and my fast passes with Kelly's phone.  It was crazy!  But he finally got our two families connected so we could get our fast passes all together.  Then Leanna and Esther searched fast passes that coincided with ours.  I must say that the fast pass situation was a stressful thing.  I prefer the old way of just going to the kiosk at the ride and having your fast pass ticket printed out.  I think we got it all figured out by our last day at the parks!

 Leanna and Stacee

 Mark, Joe, and Kelly……looking seriously at something.
Jack seems to be looking at it too!

Me and the Green Army Man
This was outside Toy Story Mania…..a ride that we had to wait in line for a very long time for because there were no fast passes available.  It was fun though.  We all just visited and enjoyed the distractions provided while we waited in line.

 Me and Jimmy

 Me, Lynn, and Esther

 Greg and Esther

Kelly holding Winnie-the-Pooh

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