Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disney Group 2015 Overview

Day 1:  Travel Day……It took us about 1.5 hours longer than planned for the 720 mile trip to Orlando because of a huge traffic delay south of Atlanta.

Day 2:  Magic Kingdom, part one--Red Kelly and Lynn 20th Anniversary Shirt Day.
This picture is taken in the hotel lobby before we left for the day.  The runners went to the race expo to pick up our bib numbers and race packets.  The rest of our party ventured to the Magic Kingdom, and we joined them about lunchtime.

Day 3:  Epcot, part one--Shirt of Your Choice Day, because it was freezing cold!

Day 4:  Hollywood Studios--Green Shirt Day

Day 5:  Epcot, part two--Blue Shirt Day

 Day 6:  Animal Kingdom--Seaside Shirt Day
This picture doesn't feature our entire party…..The Johnseys went to Lego Land this day, and the Jobes went home…..In fact, Esther is the only adult in this picture.  I'm not sure where Lynn, Kelly, or Greg are, and Jimmy is taking the picture.

Day 7:  Magic Kingdom, part two:  Red Shirt Day, again!

Day 8:  Eleven and a half hour road trip home.  Comfortable travel day shirts.
No picture!

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