Sunday, January 18, 2015

Disney Group 2015: The Rides

We are starting back to school tomorrow after a much needed, much enjoyed month-long break!  Actually, Julie started back last Thursday, and Clay did three subjects on Friday, but everyone is beginning bright and early tomorrow morning with a full day of schoolwork!  I have been planning and preparing for this semester for a few days now.  I think I am ready!

One of the fun things about visiting Disney World is the exciting rides.  I generally do not ride anything that spins, and that includes the Tea Cups at the Magic Kingdom or Mission Space at Epcot.  Lynn and I both take 1/2 of a non-drowsy Dramamine each morning as we enter the park--just in case!

 Most of the children LOVE riding these teacups.

A fun and exciting thing happened to our party of 31 while the children rode this ride.  Apparently, the Disney worker had to split our large group of children up and could not let them all ride the teacups at the same time.  Clay, Parker, and Carson said no problem!  They were fine with riding on the next go around… the nice Disney worker rewarded their patience and good manners with a GOLDEN TICKET!  Which was a fast pass to any attraction in the Magic Kingdom for our entire party of 31!  Wow! 

 I'm in the middle holding the GOLDEN TICKET!

 We unanimously chose the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  That is a new ride at Disney, and there were no fast passes available for the entire week we were there.
So we got to ride it…..and we did not have to wait in the 2 hour + line!

These next few pictures were taken while we were waiting to ride Toy Story Mania.  We went straight to that attraction when we entered the park because there were no fast passes for it all week either.
The wait passed by quickly with all the cute toy displays.

And then there was the TOWER OF TERROR!
The last and only time I had ridden the Tower of Terror was four years ago.  Lynn laughed her head off the entire time while I screamed like I was dying……

But this year Sam wanted to ride it (for the first time), and he asked me to ride it with him.

So I did.  And Lynn rode with me again.  And also Jimmy, and about half of our party.
Sam and I both survived. I just closed my eyes the entire time and somehow I made it!

And then guess what?? When Olivia joined us that night, she asked me to please ride it again with her!
So I did.  But this time wasn't nearly as bad.  I closed my eyes the entire time again, tried to relax and just put my mind somewhere else.  That really is a scary ride!

However, I love the Rock-N-Roller Coaster.  I rode it three times.  Once with Olivia!

Only the brave and crazy youngsters rode the Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom.  Of course they all got wet.  Wait….Esther rode it with them!  :)

 Sam got the wettest!

 Here we all are walking to the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Always a favorite!

 Winnie the Pooh

 Working hard to rack up points on the Buzz Lightyear ride!

 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

 That's Me and Jimmy in the back---on Rock-N-Roller Coaster.
It was intense!

 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again.

And again.

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