Friday, January 2, 2015

Fitness Goals 2015

First of all, I forgot to list sewing as one my categories of goal setting yesterday.  I definitely want to set some sewing goals for 2015.  I have been pinning lots of cute sewing ideas, and I have a few unfinished projects that I plan to complete.

According to Daily, where I log my running miles, I ran a total of 1085 miles last year.  That is not my greatest number of miles run in one year, but a number that I am happy with.  Before I knew what last year's miles were, I thought that I would set a goal of 1200 miles.  That would be an average of 25 miles a week for 48 weeks (knowing that we have weeks where we are out of town on vacation, the week of Christmas, the week of camp, etc. and I would not get 25 miles during those weeks).  But after seeing 2014's mileage, I think I better set my goal at 1000.  I do not plan on running a marathon on 2015, so I think 1000 miles is a challenging, yet doable goal.

My overall all weekly running plan is to run 4-6 days a week with one of the runs being 10 miles, another being 5, and the others whatever I feel like to reach at least 25 miles each week.  I plan to meet Leanna or Lynn for this 10 mile run each week.  The other runs will be on my treadmill, in my driveway, or with Leah and Sam this spring as they train for the Coke 10K in May.

I had not intended to set many blogging goals…..but I read with interest yesterday on my college friend, Patti's blog about her blogging goal for 2015:  to blog every. single. day. Hmmmm.  That would definitely be a challenge.  Do I even have anything to say every single day?  What about when I am out of town?  I know that blogging by definition is an online journal, so I guess I can just record what is happening here with the Joyful Johnsons each day! Plus I have not shared much of our December fun yet either.  I have not decided if this is a goal I want to pursue.  I guess if you see posts on here every day, then you will know that I am trying!  :)

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  1. I fully expect there to be some days where I post not much of anything...or maybe even a photo. But, I'm going to give myself permission to do just that :)
    1,000 miles. Whoa.
    I've been Spinning some and LOVE it!! Have you ever been to a class??