Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yay! I Feel Better!

I have had a toothache since last Tuesday.  It began with a little nagging pain that caused me to sleep poorly last Tuesday night, and the progressed to feeling like someone was hammering the side of my face 24/7 by Monday.

At first it only hurt at night, when I would try to lie down in bed.  So ever since last Wednesday, I have slept either in my recliner (upright!) or propped upright in bed (when we were in Atlanta).  I went to the dentist Thursday morning before I left for Atlanta (I did not see my brother, my regular dentist, because he lives 1 hour, 20 minutes from me, in the opposite direction of Atlanta, so I saw Leah and Sam's dentist, Dr. Ritter, whose office is just down the road).  Dr. Ritter determined that my tooth was dying (who knew a dying tooth could cause so much pain?), and he said that I would need a root canal.

I immediately recalled my first and only other root canal experience, and I was not looking forward to it.  Not at all.  That first root canal ranks up there with the MRI I had before my mastectomy last year---the two worse medical procedure experiences I have ever had (the root canal and the MRI, that is)--way worse than childbirth (even when I was in labor with Sam and the epidural suddenly stopped working right when it was time to push and I began hollering like those women you see on TV).  I knew that I wanted a different endodontist than last time to do my root canal.  The other dentist was nice and polite, but I waltzed into that office thinking that the procedure would be no worse than getting a cavity filled.  I had not even taken a Motrin in anticipation.  I was not offered any of the gas (much to my dismay).  I normally don't use the gas for getting cavities filled because it makes me feel icky and claustrophobic to have that nozzle on my face, but since the root canal was going to take so long, I was willing to try it.  Except that they did not ask me if I wanted it, and I was too timid to ask!  When they draped me with all of the that stuff and then crammed my mouth full of other stuff--the claustrophobic feeling was overwhelming.  Anyway, I endured that root canal and vowed to not have another one. Ever.

Dr. Ritter set me up with Dr. Crumpton, and he and his entire staff could not have been nicer!  I had to go Monday morning for a consultation (because Dr. Ritter wanted them to address my procedure anxiety) before scheduling the root canal.  They asked me if I would like some sedation, and then began explaining my options.  I quickly interjected, Just give me the strongest thing you have!  The nurse told Dr. Crumpton that I was considering oral sedation (the best they have), and I said, "No, I am not considering it.  I most definitely want it!"

I was sent home with a prescription for pain meds (thank you!), and another one for the "oral sedation".  I hung on until yesterday morning--taking the pain meds and Motrin, and just trying to rest in my recliner--and then Olivia took me for the root canal at 7:30 yesterday morning.  The combo of oral sedation and the gas was perfect.  I don't remember any of the procedure or coming home!  I did not feel trapped at any time.  I had no pain.  It was a much, much better root canal experience.  I cannot stress how kind and nice the entire office staff were!

My mouth still hurt pretty badly yesterday after the numbness wore off, so I spent another day in the recliner.  But thankfully, this morning I woke up with no pain!  Yay!  No pain!  Just a little soreness.  I am so happy to be in the land of the productive today!  My to-do list is very, very long!

So of course I have not run any of my miles this week.  I plan to run 6 or 7 tonight if I continue to feel well.

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