Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blacksmithing and a Road Trip to Atlanta

Jimmy and Clay recently moved Clay's forge from a shed behind our house to the back of the barn.  They built a chimney.  There is electricity out there, so Clay is all set up.  I have no idea what all is in a forge/blacksmith shop, but I think that Clay has collected and bought most of what he needs.

Here are some pictures that Jimmy took of the shop area.  I really can't comment on them, because I don't know what all of those tools and things are......

I know that this is Sam, and that is a spade--made either by Clay, Sam, or both.

Thursday I took Clay and Sam to Atlanta for the Atlanta Blade Show.  Jimmy's aunt and uncle had told him all about this huge knife expo last winter, so Clay made plans for all of us to attend.  We found out last week that the dates of the Blade Show were not what we thought, so instead of our entire family attending, only Clay, Sam, and I went.  Jimmy could not get off work, and the girls were at various places.

So the three of us made the 5ish hour drive to Atlanta!  We arrived Thursday around suppertime at Ann and Buster's home.  They served us a delicious supper!  After our meal, Clay displayed the knives that he had made for Buster to see.  I had to just listen to the blacksmithing conversation, because they were using vocabulary that I was not familiar with.  However, Sam knew exactly what they were talking about!

 Clay's collection of handmade knives.
Some are made from railroad spikes, some from lawn mower blades, some from some sort of steel, horseshoes, and I am not sure what else.
The handles are made from walnut, paracord, and denim material.

 One of the knives with its hand made cover

 Then Buster showed us some of his handiwork!
Face Vases!

 Buster gave each of the boys a special hammer and some other materials for knife construction.

Friday morning we went to the Varsity for lunch, and then proceeded to the Atlanta Blade Show.

 Enjoying ice cream at the Varsity

 At the entrance to the Atlanta Blade Show

Sam took this picture.  I think it is a belt sander.  We did NOT buy one.

The boys, Clay especially, had a fantastic time at the blade show!  It was like being at a marathon expo, except that instead of running shoes, apparel, and gear, there were knives, and knife making supplies, and belt grinders and sanders, and all kinds of things that I had no idea what they were. 

After the blade show, we went back to Ann and Buster's house for the night.  The boys enjoyed swimming, and we all had a nice visit.  We left early Saturday morning to drive home.

It was a fun road trip!  And as soon as we got home, Clay went to his forge to begin making a new knife using some of his new supplies!


  1. ooohhhh, my husband collects railroad spikes or whatever they are called. If Clay ever wants to sell one of those, I would love to buy one. :)

  2. I'm glad you had this time with your boys. It must have meant a lot to Clay for you to make the trip for something he enjoys so much that is important to him!