Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just Checking In!

It's going to be a wild, exhausting summer!

We just got back yesterday from a week long trip to Nashville and the Smoky Mountains.  I have lots of pictures and fun to share.....if I ever get to it!

The rest of my summer includes the following:

  • one week of Rustic Youth Camp
  • one week of hosting some young men (I am not sure yet how many) who will be here for a preacher training program
  • one week of running camp (this includes SLEEPING OUTSIDE IN A TENT)
  • getting Olivia ready for college
  • cleaning out my schoolroom
  • preparing our school for the upcoming year
  • cleaning out various areas in my house
  • finishing my Homemaking Binder
So, I am not sure how much blogging I will be doing for the next 10-12 weeks.  I am also trying to train for the Tupelo 14.2 Miler, but so far have not done so well in the running department.

We almost, almost finished the 12 hour CD of Robinson Crusoe while we were on vacation.  We have about 5 minutes left!  But we were pulling in our driveway, and everyone was ready to get out of the van already, and I had to return the CDs today.  I plan to read aloud the last few pages to everyone tonight, hopefully......I read the last little bit on my iPad last night.  Our entire family really, really enjoyed this book!

Here is one picture from our vacation:

I'm not riding!  I'm taking the picture!

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  1. I hope your family enjoys a terrific summer! :)