Friday, March 1, 2013

What a Week

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since Monday!  This has been a busy week.  I thought it would not be at the beginning of the week, but it has been.  Jimmy was not off any this week, so we had school all five days, and that is unusual for us.  By today, all of the children and I were weary!  But we kept on, and we got a lot of school done this week.  We finished The Bronze Bow yesterday, and it was such a good book.  A really good book!  I alternated reading it aloud here at home and playing it on CD in the van when we were out and about.  I wish I could find more of our read alouds on CD.  That really helps my voice and our time.

It is a little over 6 weeks until my marathon.  This week the training has begun to wear on me.  I went from four to five days of running this week.  In fact, I am not even done with my miles for this week yet.  I am running the last 4.5 miles in the morning.  Maybe in the snow!  We are having snow flurries right now.  It was 33 degrees when we ran this morning.  Most of my outside runs since November have been in temperatures below 40.  And then the marathon temperature will probably be 80!  Blah!

I have gotten behind on my B90 Bible reading this week.  Blah again!  I hope to catch up by reading extra tonight through Sunday.  My goal is to be back on track on Monday.  I think I should be on Day thirty-something.  I have gotten up at 4:30 AM to run three days this week, and that has made me tired! There are days that I literally fall asleep reading out loud to the children after lunch.  But I am not the only one who does this!  My friends have confessed to me that they do the very same thing.  And just like at my house......the kids tiptoe away and then the mama wakes up to everyone scattered here, there, and everywhere!

Clay, Sam, and I attended our homeschool Mother/Son Dinner last night.  It was fun, and I plan to blog about that too.  We played a competitive game, and while I claim that I am not competitive, my friends beg to differ!

I am missing my friend Lynn on my long runs!  She is doing the Insanity workouts right now (in week 5!), and so she is running with Leanna and me only occasionally.  Leanna and I are having a blast running together---planning our days, solving all of our problems--but I still miss Lynn!  We trained for three marathons together, and it seems strange to be training for one without her.  In fact, I don't have anyone to run this marathon with.  Leanna is running my long and medium runs (and sometimes other runs too) with me, but she is not running the actual marathon. I am a little concerned about who I am going to talk to for 26.2 miles.  I talk (almost non-stop if you ask Leanna or Lynn) while running.  I don't think I can run for 4+ hours without someone to chat with.  Lynn told me to carry a sign advertising my need for a "chatting and running buddy" when I got in my corral at the race.  I am sure I will find someone!  Jimmy and Heather are running too, but they are way too fast for me, and each of us has personal goals for this race.

I'll go ahead and share my goal.  That way, if I meet it, you can rejoice with me, and if I fail, you can cry with me!   4 hours, 29 minutes.  That's my goal.  That's a 10:15 average pace, which includes walking at the water stops.  Lately, Leanna and I have averaged a 9:32-9:55 pace on our long runs--but we haven't run longer than 18 yet.  I still think a 10:15 average pace is an achievable goal, unless my IT band flares up like it did at the Disney Marathon--and then I'll be hobbling and crying!

Well, that's my week--schooling, running, cooking, and cleaning.  And I did my monthly shopping at Sam's this afternoon plus my weekly shopping at Kroger.  Tomorrow's plans include running, attending a baby shower, running a few errands, and doing my monthly Walmart shopping.  Then, hopefully, time to rest, read, and blog.

Have a super weekend!

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