Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Clay!

Today is Clay's 14th birthday.

We have enjoyed a full day of family celebration.  We began with breakfast at this table.

Next, Clay opened his presents......Jimmy and I gave him a gift from us a couple of weeks ago, so today he opened his gifts and cards from his siblings.  Later in the day he received some money from his grandparents, so Jimmy took him shopping at Harbor Freight.  He bought a special kind of hammer and a wrench.

 building with Lincoln Logs 

 This crocheted thing was made for Clay by both Olivia and Julie.  It is the sour candy thing from Wreck It Ralph.  I don't know its name!  It's floating arms and legs are hanging by fishing line.  Very cute!

 Leah made Clay a coupon book with coupons for doing his laundry, making him sweet tea, and other things as well.

Sam gave Clay a sand dollar that he had picked up from Seaside.  It was special to Sam, and that made it a special gift for his big brother!  He even wrapped it all by himself!

 The birthday lunch--pasta salad and fruit salad.

 The birthday cake--homemade with love by Julie.

 The inside of the delicious cake--layers of various shades of blue!

Tonight happened to be the night of the annual Father Daughter Banquet hosted by our local homeschool group.  While Jimmy took the girls to this event, Clay, Sam and I were joined by Leanna and her two boys and Lynn's boys, Parker and Carson, for supper at Abner's.

 Clay and his cousin, Jack.

 The whole crew:
Parker, Clay, Carson, Sam, and Joey
Wait----not the whole crew---Jack was hiding under the table!

And now for some pictures of Clay (and some of his siblings too) from the past.

Happy Birthday, Clay!


  1. Love your birthday parties :) Such wonderful memories that your kids will carry with them for a lifetime :) Happy Birthday, Clay!

  2. Happy happy birthday to Clay!

  3. Happy birthday Clay from the McGills!