Sunday, March 3, 2013

A New Water Bottle

I am so excited!  I have finally found a reusable water bottle that I like!  I have been looking on and off for a long, long time now.  I love drinking water out of store bought water bottles--and Ozarka is my favorite brand.  But it's really not about the taste, it's all about the bottle.  I used to buy one or two cases a month, and then refill my bottles several times before putting them into the recycling bin (which by the way is NOT convenient for me---recycling that is.  I have to put all of the full bags of recyclable products in the back of my van and haul it about 25 minutes away to the local recycling plant.  There is no curbside recycling program out here where I live.)  

Anyway.  I read last year that refilling and reusing disposable water bottles could cause cancer (and I read this just after my breast cancer diagnosis so I stopped refilling my disposable water bottles right that very minute!). I have continued to spend too much money at Sam's on water bottles, all because I could not find a reusable water bottle that had a drinking spout that I liked.  I don't like straws, suction thingys, big openings, stainless steel bottles, polar bottles, etc.  I just wanted a reusable bottle that was the same shape and size and had the same drink opening as a regular old Ozarka water bottle.

Friday when I was at Walmart, I looked one more time.  And I found the perfect water bottle!

 The top (drink opening) is the same size and shape as a disposable water bottle.

It holds 20 oz., which is just about the same size as my Ozarka water bottles.

The water bottle fits perfectly in the cup holder in my van (a problem I had with previous water bottles that I tried--they were too big or too tall for my van cup holder).

I bought two.  One to drink out of, and one for the dishwasher.  Kind of like when I had sippee cups for the kids.

They are Rubbermaid brand, and I can't remember how much they cost.  But the total cost of two new water bottles is way cheaper than what I was spending on bottled water each month.

Problem solved.  Our well water filtered through a Brita filtering pitcher tastes delicious in my new water bottles.


  1. I have read that, too, Roan, about reusing the plastic bottles. What I don't understand is why, if refilling and reusing causes cancer, don't they cause cancer in the first place? If you drink 1 bottle of water, and refill it 23 times, do you somehow get harmful chemicals out of the bottle that you would not get if you drank 24 fresh bottles of water? Just wondering if you know more about it than I do. I've refilled, too...but will hardly do it any more! :D So glad you found the bottle. I have one like that, too. I like it as well.

  2. I L-O-V-E these same bottles. They have a seal inside to prevent leakage whereas some made by the same brand leaked. I had bought more decorative bottles but don't actually like them. I too dislike large spouts and stainless steel. I have 8, yes 8 of the bottles in the photo above. I found a 4 pack at Bi-Mart for under $12. Each bottle has a different color cap. Great value, great bottle. I suggested these particular bottles to my sister in law too. Simple and perfect. Just love them!!!

  3. That is a beautiful, sporty water bottle, Roan! I have one that looks like that, but mine's pretty old already. :P Btw, how much is your Brita water filters system?

  4. Roan, those are my favorites too and for the same reason! I have been using them for a few years, and I TRY not to let the kids take them off into the woods, etc...