Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Father Daughter Banquet

Tuesday night was the annual Father Daughter Banquet, hosted by our local homeschool organization. This is an event that my girls look forward to each year!  Many of the mothers work together to make this night a special one.  Some mothers cook the food, some decorate, some plan the entertainment, and others serve the Fathers and their daughters the meal.

Here a couple of pictures of Jimmy and our girls before they left for their evening out.

After the dinner, Jimmy joined a couple of other Dads and their daughters for a second dessert at the yogurt place.  It was a fun night for all of them! 


  1. Hey it's me again. I haven't commented in so long but pop by every so often to check in on ya':-)

    I love Father/Dtr banquets. Your girls look beautiful.


  2. Your girls looked so beautiful! I hope they all had a wonderful time. Thanks for helping with the food!