Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This and That

I got a text last night from a friend prodding me to blog more often.....I really want to!  But sometimes I am so busy living my life that it's hard to make time to blog about it.

We had our first Spartans Homeschool Cross Country Team spring practice today.  We will be practicing once a week until the beginning of May, and then we will not have organized practices until our running camp sometime in August.  Of course all of the runners and their parents were so happy to see each other.  The kids ran one mile time trials, and I am happy to say that all of my running children were pleased with their times.  Leah is reminding me more and more of Julie as a runner.

We stopped by Hobby Lobby on our way home to pick up some supplies for Olivia to make her Senior Board to display at graduation.  She chose a hot pink, turquoise, lime green, and orange color theme, and most of her supplies are sparkly!  I am so glad that she is talented in the arts and crafts area, because I am not!  I know that her board, which is supposed to be a reflection of her personality and her life, will be perfect!  We have had the best time browsing through all of our old pictures.  She is selecting pictures that depict her life for her board, the yearbook, and the senior slide show, which will be shown at graduation.  Some of the children made many funny comments about the various pictures.....

  • "Mama, your hair was so dark and you look so young!  Were you about 20?"  (I was actually 25, holding Olivia when she was a baby, and I did not have any gray hair!) ***Sam
  • "Mama, what is that chalk stuff all over my face?"  (A picture of Sam, just after his birth)  "Why didn't that chalk come off when the doctor pulled me out of your throat?" ***Sam
  • "Mama, your old fashioned dress is so pretty." ***Leah
  • "Daddy looks like a little kid." ***Leah
  • "Mama, you could have so won an ugly sweater contest!"  (Commenting on my many, very pretty Eagle's Eye sweaters) ***Olivia
  • "Who is that Chinese baby?"  (Commenting on someone's newborn picture) ***Sam
Collecting these pictures, reminiscing, and watching Olivia create her Senior Board is going to be so much fun.  And a little bit bittersweet!

This week is my highest mileage of my marathon training.  I ran 6 yesterday, and I ran 11 this morning.  My total miles for the week will be 47 which includes a 22 mile long run.  That's a lot of miles, and at this point I am questioning my sanity.

I did not post my menu this week because I accidentally threw it away.  I decided to buy groceries last Saturday after my long run, and I just made a quick menu on my thrown-together-in-the-van grocery list.  After unloading the groceries, I threw the list away.  OOPS!  I am winging it each day, trying to remember why I bought the items that I did.  I won't be trying any new recipes this week.

I hope all of you are having a great week!

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  1. That is so exciting that Olivia is getting ready for her graduation! It will be a joyous and bittersweet day for you all!

    Has she decided what she will do after graduation? Will she go to college or study from home?

    I was so lost when my oldest son went off to college, it was before I had adopted any more of my children, so the house was so empty and he was only 30 minutes away but it felt like more! It was a great experience for him, but I really hope my daughters stay close to home. There are 5 colleges in our community so I am hoping they will attend one of those and continue to live at home.