Monday, October 8, 2012

Let the Marathon Training Begin!

October 8.

That day has been marked on my calendar since March, when Lynn and I first signed up for the Disneyworld Marathon.  What was I thinking?

Today begins week 1 of our 14 week marathon training program.  I have been running 30 miles a week for 4 weeks now, and week 1 is a total of 26 miles with a 14 mile long run.  I will only have 2 weeks behind me before my required 2 or more weeks of rest after my surgery.  I am not sure how I will jump back into the training.  We'll see!

When I was waiting for Jimmy to cross the finish line at his most recent marathon, I got so excited....I cannot wait until it's my turn to cross the marathon finish line.  But, I have many, many training miles to run between now and then!

Happy Running!

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