Monday, October 29, 2012

A Fun Fall Party

Saturday night I took the children to our friend's home for a Halloween/Watch the MS State vs. Alabama Football Game Party.  Jimmy had to work, so I ventured out alone.  I had not felt well Saturday, but decided to attend the event anyway.  The children were so excited about dressing up in costumes and getting candy, and I figured being around my friends and watching some MSU football might make me feel better.  I only took 4 pictures.  That's all, and here they are.

 Sam, as Mike from Monsters, Inc.

At this annual party, most of the adults dress up as well.  I just wore my MS State t-shirt.  Anyway......Kelly and Lynn and two of their children dressed as redneck Alabama football fans!  Ha!  The last time Kelly came in costume to a MSU football game party we lost too (as the Honey Badger last year).  So maybe he just needs to wear normal clothes!

 Kelly and Lynn!

 My sweet girls in their poodle skirts that my mother made them

Clay the cowboy and Parker the Alabama fan.

And that is all of the pictures.  

The hospitality was great, the children had fun, State lost, and I was exhausted.  That pretty much summed up the evening.

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