Monday, September 17, 2012

The Blacksmith

Clay is a blacksmith.  

As I began uploading pictures for this post, I could not find the pictures that I thought I had taken of his various projects.  He has made numerous knives with all lengths of blades and various handles.  Every knife he makes is unique.  I hope to take some pictures of his handiwork this week, and I will share them.

This is what Clay looks like every day.  Well, actually in this picture he is still relatively clean.  He usually is much blacker than this.  

 Clay with a knife he made Saturday after the race.  It has a metal handle.

Clay's forge and blacksmithing supplies have grown over the last several months.  He started with a brush fire and leaf blower, and now he has a real forge.  At first the forge sat at the edge of our driveway, but earlier this summer Jimmy helped him build a shelter for his forge and other supplies.  He also has a thousand (or maybe it's two thousand) pound pile of coal.

 Jimmy, Clay, and Sam, beginning to lay the floor of the outdoor blacksmith shop.


 working hard

 The floor is all done!

 Everything moved into the blacksmith shop.
I can't tell in this picture if the roof of the shop is completed or in the beginning stages...

 A sign that Clay made

 another view of the shop
Oh, I can tell now....the roof is not complete.

 some his his tools and supplies

future blacksmiths

Clay's usual daily routine is to wake up early, complete his morning chores, eat breakfast, and begin his schoolwork.  He works independently until he has done all he can do alone.  By this time it is 9:00 or 10:00 AM.  Depending on if I am available to do school with him (check all of his work, teach a new math concept, give creative writing instruction, and read his Sonlight read alouds to him) or not he then goes out to his blacksmith shop.  He will forge, drill, grind (he also uses various power tools in our garage), etc., until I call him in for school or lunch.  He returns to his shop after school, and he will stay out there until cross country practice or supper.  Sometimes he goes back out there after supper!  

I am so glad that Clay has found a creative and productive hobby that he enjoys so much!


  1. Clay is so talented! All your children have so many special skills. You must beam with pride!

  2. What a cool (although I'm sure he's usually very hot) skill to learn.

  3. I love this!!! I think this is one of those wonderful benefits of homeschooling--the time and margin to pursue a passion or a hobby. It's so hard when children are in school all day and have to stick to the 'school schedule' but much easier w/ the flexibility homeschooling affords. I love that this unusual hobby is the one he enjoys--working with his hands, creative and productive!!!