Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday.  And I am having a wonderful day!  Julie made homemade blueberry sweet rolls for breakfast, and they were delicious!  The girls had set the table with pretty zebra plates with turquoise forks on a hot pink tablecloth.  

After lunch, I opened my presents and posed for pictures.  Clay was the photographer today--his first time at this job.

 Sam tried to be in every picture!  See his little head in the back?

 Julie made me this cute wall hanging.  It has tiny clothespins to hold the socks.  I will hang it in my laundry room.  So cute!

 Here are some of the items that Leah made me.

 Sam giving me a hug after presenting me with this little handmade pillow. He actually sewed it himself (with help from his big sister).

 Here are some of my handmade cards.  Sam's card is missing for a few minutes.....we later found it.

After the gift opening, Jimmy and the children sang Happy Birthday to me.  Julie and Olivia made these chocolate cupcakes (from scratch) with salted caramel icing.  Yum!  Yum!  I love salty things, and these cupcakes were delicious!

This is seashell covered box that Olivia made.  She used seashells that she collected while we were at Seaside this summer.  

I am enjoying my special day.  I am so blessed to have a husband, children, parents, other family members, and friends who have taken the time to make sure my day is memorable.

I love birthdays!


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  2. What a precious family you have! God bless!

  3. Love that picture of your son giving you a big hug! Looks like you got super spoilt on your special day :-)

  4. Happy birthday, Roan!!! Mine was just yesterday. I love September birthdays. Yours looks like it was great. I'm loving the laundry room missing socks wall hanging!!