Saturday, September 15, 2012

Recent Running

Well, I know I have not been blogging lately, so I'll just jump right back in!  My life has been CRAZY BUSY, and I have just not made much time for the computer.

But we are all still running and running here at the Johnson household!

Last Saturday, our homeschool XC team, the Spartans, participated (as unattached individuals) in the Pontotoc XC meet.  Olivia, Julie, and Clay all ran successful races.  My children enjoy these XC meets so much!  The weather was nice and cool that morning, and it was the perfect day for a XC race.

Early this morning (like around 5:30 ish) our family drove up to Pickwick for Jimmy and the older three children to run the Darryl Worley 5K race.  Today was also a cool, and all four of them ran a fantastic race.  In fact, Clay ran a PR (personal record)!

Here are some pictures of our morning.

 Sam and Leah, waiting during the race

 playing around on some sort of building materials

 still playing...

 more playing...

 Now they have moved across the road with me to watch for the finishers.

 Here comes Clay!
Flying to the finish!
He finished 4th place overall (just one second behind the 3rd place overall runner)


 He broke 20 minutes!
His official race time was 19:53!
Go Clay!

 Julie and Jimmy after the race

 Julie (1st place overall female) and Olivia (2nd place overall female)
They were both so happy with their race times.

Clay with his 1st place medal--10-14 age group

Jimmy is currently in major marathon training.  He ran the Tupelo Marathon a couple of weeks ago, and he has marathons scheduled for October, December, and January!  He runs many, many, many miles each week, and he is always the leader on my leader board on Daily Mile.

I have currently built up to 30 miles a week which I have done for the past two weeks.  I have increased my long run to 11 miles, and I plan to run another 11 miler this week (unless Lynn and Leanna want to do 12!)  My plan is to add 1 mile a week to my long run and keep my total weekly miles at 30 until mid October.....because......I finally have a surgery date!!  Last week my doctor set my final reconstruction surgery date for October 19th.  I plan to run 15 miles the day before the surgery (Heather said I should just run to the hospital!  Ha!  But Jimmy said that actually it's only 13 miles to the hospital.  Ha! Ha!)
I will have to totally rest for 1 week, and then the doctor said I could try to run at 2-3 weeks post-surgery.  I'll jump back in to some pretty high mileage, but I think I can quickly catch up in my marathon training plan.  We'll see.

So that's the recent running.

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