Monday, September 3, 2012

Questions, Answers, and Comments

Over the last couple of months, some of my commenters have asked me questions in my comment box.  Other people have asked me questions via email or in real life.  Since I still don't know the best way to answer questions left for me in the comments (especially if the questioner doesn't have a blog or website for me to visit), I thought it was time for a little bit of question and answer time.

Why are you using Saxon Algebra 2 instead of Teaching Textbooks?
The long part of my answer of why Teaching Textbooks is not my favorite, but the best of what I feel like I have to choose from can be found by reading this post.
However, a couple of things have changed since I wrote that post in May, 2011.
1.  Horizons (my all time favorite math curriculum) has now expanded past their 6th grade book.  Horizons now includes pre-algebra and Algebra 1.  I am really, really hoping that by the time Clay and my other children need Algebra 2 and geometry, they will have added those courses as well.  Clay is in the 8th grade and is currently working in the Horizons pre-algebra book.
2.  Olivia (my 12th grader) felt like taking geometry and chemistry in the same year (10th grade for her) was just too much at one time.  She suggested that her siblings either take chemistry and Algebra 2 or advanced biology and geometry at the same time.  I asked Julie (10th grader now) which courses she wanted to tackle this year, and she chose chemistry and Algebra 2.  I offered to get her a different curriculum for math--she has not been a big fan of TT.  I did a little bit of research and chose Saxon, 3rd edition.  Apparently, I did not do enough research, because we found out that Saxon 3rd edition algebra books (1 and 2) include geometry.  Their advanced math course finishes the geometry course.  So, I guess we will be using Saxon advanced math as Julie's 11th grade math course.  Like I said earlier, I am hoping that Horizons will come through for me and produce both Algebra 2 and geometry courses.....very soon!

Have you found a satisfactory lipstick color since Jane:  Kiss of Caramel has been discontinued?
Yes!  It is NYC color 401:  Caramel.
It is not quite the same shade as the Jane color, but it is a satisfactory substitute.  It is also cheap, and can be found at Walmart.  I usually buy 4 or 5 tubes at a time, in case they decide to stop selling it.  My friends kid me about my lipstick use.  I do love wearing lipstick!

I see you are using both Bible Study Guide For All Ages and Our Spiritual Heritage in your home Bible study this year.  Why both?  And which would you recommend if I were to choose only one?
I am using both because while I love the Bible Study Guide, and I have used it for 8 years, this year at RYC one of the teachers used these great purple timeline-like cards as part of her lesson.  I asked her about them (did she make them, etc.), and she told me all about them.  She recommended that I visit the Our Spiritual Heritage website to learn more.  After reading about those cards (called the Chronology Box) and also their home study program, I knew that I wanted some of these materials for our Bible study.  I purchased the Chronology Box, the teacher book and 2 student books for Leah and Sam in order to teach the unit God Is Wise, and I am about to order the Who cards.

I will continue using the Bible Study Guide For All Ages. Hands down, it cannot be beat for general Bible learning.  It is a 4 year cycle through the entire Bible, and I have learned so much while reading through the Bible twice in 8 years with my children.  It stresses Bible reading....there are no paraphrases or application stories.  Drills and memory work are included, and each lesson has 7 review questions from previous lessons.  For example, now that we are halfway through year 8, we sometimes have questions from year 1.  And my children almost always know the answer without looking it up!  (I don't.)

The advantage that I feel Our Spiritual Heritage offers is application lessons and the the big picture of the story of the Bible.  I know that all of us will benefit from using the Chronology cards to learn the timeline of the entire Bible.  The Who cards will drill us on the well-known and the not-so-well-known people of the Bible.

So it depends on your goals when you are deciding which one to use.  I just suggest that you visit each website and look around a little bit.  Our Spiritual Heritage seems to take less time....that is how I can do both.

Here is my weekly Bible study plan.

Daily:  Bible memory verse drills using our Bible memory verse box.  I include the drills from BSG in our Bible memory box.
Monday:  OSH day 1, BSG Bible reading, text questions.
Tuesday:  OSH day 2, BSG review questions
Wednesday: OSH day 3, Proverbs and Psalms reading
Thursday:  OSH day 4, BSG Bible reading, text questions
Friday:  OHS day 5, BSG review questions.

Note:  We complete 2 lessons per week in the BSG.  Our church also uses the BSG in all of its Bible classes on both Sundays and Wednesdays.  So, what we study at home is reviewed and expounded on in their Bible classes at our local church.

I'll answer more questions later!  


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