Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Bible Study

A few weeks ago I contemplated beginning the B90 (read the entire Bible in 90 days) program again.  I finished this for the 3rd time back in April, and I thought I might want to tackle the challenge again.  I considered which translation I wanted to read, and about two or three weeks ago I actually began the B90 plan.
I lasted 8 days.
I am not sure why I decided to stop.  I have enjoyed my B90 readings the other times, and I have learned so much!  But this time, it just wasn't what I felt I needed right now.

So I am currently studying two different Bible study books.  One, Worthy Women, by Mary Alice Wilhelm, is the book we are using for our monthly Ladies' Bible Class.  I am reading the lessons and copying down every single Scripture that is mentioned or quoted.  I am also making notes and personal applications as needed, and I am taking my time when answering the questions at the end of each chapter.

I am also studying Sweet Journey by Teri Maxwell.  I am using the same procedure with this book.  My plan is to alternate between the two books each day.
I also am continuing to list five things I am thankful for each day in my thankful journal, and I am currently keeping my prayer request list in the back of this journal.

One more thing about prayer requests--I may have shared this before, but when I am asked to pray about something, I try to write it down right at that moment, either in a notebook or on a sticky note.  Then later, I copy it into my thankful journal.  I also have a folder in my gmail account where I put all of the prayer requests I receive via email.  I copy these into my thankful journal too.  It is so encouraging to look back at prayers and the little checkmarks and dates I put beside them as they are answered.

How is your Bible study going?

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  1. I need to start a prayer journal.

    I started a study of Hebrews a while back. On Mondays I take Timothy to Nacogdoches for his music day. I'm there from 3:30-9:30. I spend at least an hour of that time in bible study. Because we don't go to Nac during the summer, I took a break. I got started back again last night.

    My method:

    Read the book each week. Sometimes I just read the chapter I'm concentrating on that week but I try to read it all every week.

    Copy the chapter I'm studying.

    Read McClister's commentary on Hebrews. I try to read a chapter a week. That sometimes means I read some at home to keep on schedule.