Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Flat Stanley Party

About ten days ago, Leah and Sam attended a Flat Stanley party hosted by our friend, Shruti.  She had another mom read the first Flat Stanley book to the children, and then the children moved into her kitchen to make a paper Flat Stanley.  Shruti had prepared a packet for each child to mail with his Flat Stanley to a far away friend.  That person will take the Flat Stanley to some fun and interesting place and take a picture with Flat Stanley in that location.  They will put a copy of the picture and a brief description of where they are inside the large envelope.  Then they will mail Flat Stanley and the packet to another friend.  

This continues until the 7th person mails Flat Stanley back to Leah or Sam.  After all of the children who attended the party receive their Flat Stanleys back after his travels, we will meet again and share where all our Flat Stanleys have been.  A map is also included in the packet for each recipient to mark the location of where they took Flat Stanley.

After making Flat Stanley, the children decorated sugar cookies to look like Flat Stanley too.  It was such a fun party!  I am so glad that I made the time to take Leah and Sam!

 Sam with his Flat Stanley cookie

 Sam with his Flat Stanley--he still had to cut him out and glue him on a large craft stick.

 Leah decorating her Flat Stanley cookie.

The completed cookie--Yum!

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  1. How Fun! this looks like a great idea. I have never heard of a Flat Stanley party, but that's one we might have to try. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep up the God work.