Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Summer List

I began making my Summer List yesterday.  I hope to finish it today.  It is already very, very long!  And I have not added any creative or fun things to it yet.  I listed each room or area in my home and made a list of every drawer, cabinet, closet, shelf and piece of furniture that needed cleaning out.  Today, I will finish the cleaning out portion, add some deep cleaning items, and also some fun/creative items.

I also ask my children to make a Summer List too.  They list areas in their rooms that need cleaning out as well as creative and fun projects that they would like to complete.  We are still doing school, but it is dwindling down.  Mostly we have reading (my reading aloud to them which continues year round and their independent reading) and math left.  A little bit of science.

After the lists are made, we begin working on them.  I will work on the list bit by bit, day by day.  Usually I will set a timer and work for 30 minutes at least twice a day.

I have found that if the children and I do not make a Summer List, the weeks fly by without us accomplishing much.  We still have plenty of unstructured free time, but I also want us to be productive too!

Do you have a Summer List?

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  1. I worked on my version of a summer list this week and have gotten started checking things off. Just week by week goals. I also gave the older girls a list of a few chores I expected each day plus some suggestions for things to do during their quiet time in the afternoon while Lydia is asleep that they don't always have time for during the school year (crafts, etc.) I am looking forward to the end result of the decluttering part of my list and also stopping to take time to make fun summer memories together.